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Ok, while we don’t specialize in selling these, nor do we quite believe they exist we still though it would be a good weekend read! The most popular house ever on the market – Amityville – is not your everyday affair. But we thought we look into a few criteria that account for calling some a Haunted House. Is yours?


Although most people think places like old castles, prisons, or hospitals tend to be haunted, old houses can give off that vibe too.  In reality, any place can feel pretty spooky at times.

Apparently, there are some indicators that exist if you think your house is haunted…do you:

  • feel cobwebs on your face often? and inside?
  • feel like someone’s watching you?
  • feel like you’re being touched by invisible hands?
  • feel a
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Today we’ll have a little fun and impart some tips on how to create a clean, fresh living, durable living environment for you and your pet family. While we all love softwood floors the reality is that dogs’ claws will scratch them up, so consider alternatives like ceramic tiles or hardwood floors and area rugs if you want that extra layer of protection. Brands like SmartStrand Forever Clean or Dupont Sarona® makes are stable options for decorating your place with high quality, attractive and pet-friendly floor coverings.  Area rugs are also a great option because for as many scratching posts as you have kitties love a good carpet and the ease with which you can replace an area rug is a bonus. Additionally, you then have the chance to let your inner

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Allow yourself to luxuriate in wonderful Western & Southern panoramic views that enliven the entire abode. Picture yourself living in the midst of activity and extravagance. There is a generous amount of space : 2,000 sq ft that propels this loft into a truly rare find. 


Saunter into your spacious, open kitchen after a long day of work and unwind by cooking on stainless steel appliances with granite countertops. 

Entertain your guests in a dining room that affords relaxing eating while bathing in the sumptuous moonlight views or sunny landscapes. Furthermore, 3 balconies provide an additional 300 sq ft to the entire property. 

After joyful time with friends and family meander over to the living room to chillax. Or should a long

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We're always looking to find you something insightful and applicable to your real estate lifestyle. We found this blog that offers up some super tips on how to manage an Open House - from the attendee's point of view. Please enjoy! 


The Frugalwoods Top 12 Open House Tips (and some FAQs thrown in for good measure)

1) What is an open house?

An open house is an opportunity to walk through a house that’s for sale without the need to bring along a realtor. If you want to schedule an appointment to view a house on your own schedule, you’ll need to work with a realtor. But for open houses, you can go solo. The listing agent, also known as the seller’s realtor, will be the person hosting the open house, not the home owners (unless the house is for

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Navigating the real estate market is a complex endeavor. Lang Premier Properties recognizes that there are things to avoid when buying or selling a house. Setting the right price is always a challenge. You want to get the best amount for your property and avoid low-balling situations. Together with your agent, you can make this happen.

Additionally, it’s always necessary to get the home appraised. This information directly impacts the return you can get on your investment. When personally assessing your home it’s always critical to remedy any minor repairs you can make. The more you can do to showcase your house in its best condition bodes well for your interests.

 people home money

Lastly, a home inspection is key during your process. Being honest about any

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Are you in the market for a home, but a home doesn’t seem like it’s in the market for you? With the unemployment rate dropped to its lowest level in a decade more folks are buying houses and purchasing investment homes. This translates into one of the tightest housing markets we’ve seen in a while.

So what to do? Lang Premier Properties is looking out for you and research has provided some interesting creative ways to attack the market. So here we go…

1. Buy a fixer-upper: There are scores of home in Detroit begging to get a makeover. If HGTV has anything to say about it, everyone would be doing a home renovation everyday. While it might not fit into your “perfect” idea of homebuying, it’s certainly a viable and creative option.


2. Buy a

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After the passage of the Marriage Equality Act, the real estate market experienced a boon. There has long been the assumed “recipe” that marriage equated to kids and house acquisition with that proverbial picket fence. However, times have changed and now same-sex couples are increasing their families at a marked pace and this means more families are looking for houses.

At Lang Premier Properties, we believe that everyone has the right to find the home of their dreams. That luxury should be defined as what is important to you. What lights your fire? What gets you excited?

gay family

What gets us excited is working with anyone looking to find their luxury.

The LGBT community has $1 trillion in annual buying power and with that come a wealth of opportunity

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With summer comes the excitement of being outside and enjoying your backyard. Lang Premier Properties understands that sometimes updates need to be made to ensure that your space is as luxurious as you’d like it to be. After all when hosting parties, BBQs and social gatherings don’t we all want to put our best foot forward – but how can we if we’re concerned about some rotten planks in our decks?


1. The Deck Update:

Winter can be brutal on decks and patios. Warping, rotting, and missing slats can arise after a rough winter. Make sure your deck is structurally sound – sand, stain and seal if needed – and voila! You’ve improved your party patio!

2. Purchasing Patio Furniture:

Don’t forget to accent this space with engaging patio

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This is a MUST HAVE! Exquisite Colonial situated in Waterford - Eagle Landings on the Lake subdivision. With .26 acreage, a lush backyard, newly installed amenities and all-sports privileges to Pleasant Lake it calls out to be claimed. 

Roberta Lane - Front

Waterford - backyard

An elegant and bright living room boasts a full-wall fireplace. These Michigan winters call out for cuddling in front of such an amenity!

7385 roberta lane - living room fireplace

Do you harbor a love of cooking and entertaining? The open-air kitchen offers a deluxe granite countertop. The easy-to-clean, classic stone floors in a dining room with patio views just demand your attention.

7385 robert lane dining room

The first floor walk-in laundry room makes making the trek from task to completion that much more delightful. 

laundry room

And what could be more enticing than a

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If you’re in the market to buy or sell you’ll have to work with lending agencies that can create hope or disappointment.  All too often, the reality is that “preapproval” and “conditional approval” can be farther apart than you’d like.  First, let’s discuss – preapproval. It’s simply the information a client tells a Home Loan Expert – who then should run a credit report. On the other hand, conditional approval involves intense credit checks, submission and review of a range of financial documents (e.g., tax returns, paystubs, bank statements, utility bills, debt obligations, etc.).  A thorough review of this paperwork by a quality lender moves you closer to conditional approval.

 House money


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