10 To-Do's For A Smooth Move

Posted by Steph Kaye on Monday, June 20th, 2016 at 11:44am.

There are unavaoidable expenses with any move, but there are also some tricks of the trade that can make the moving process simpler, reduce stress, and even save you from financial strain. Lang Premier Properties presents 10 tips tips to help ease your moving process.  


Write down your own master plan or personal moving guide which includes to-do's, items to take with you, items to let go and a solid time frame.  Know what you can and cannot live without and ask yourself when you should officially be out, what you need to clean, and what repairs and updates need to be completed.  Take your time to think carefully through the process.  Regardless of the number of times you have moved in your lifetime, having a plan and all the lists written down will help you save money and energy. Have a good handle ahead of time of the supplies you'll need, the people you'll need, and who can be ready to help when needed as well as which vehicles will be available for packing.

2. Purge

When it comes to home selling and moving tips, de-cluttering is one of major tips you will find in any related article. Clean out your closets and cabinets. You’d better do this before listing your home on the market. First, this will save you time when moving and second, you’ll have a chance to show a better home to your potential buyers. Pack away all the unnecessary things. Don’t be greedy. Do not take what you can live without.

3. Utilize the Trashcan  

Don't be afraid to throw away items you cannot sell or give away.  Call friends to see if you have anything they want or leave some of your more valuable items that you do not wish to take with you for the enjoyment of your buyer.  Consider whether or not your possessions will be useful and practical in your new home.  

4. Pack Light

You can search for free boxes at supermarkets, wholesalers, pharmacies, and any business that receives daily deliveries.  Try not to over pack boxes and periodically check how comfortable you are with lifting them. Professional movers advise keeping boxes under 50 pounds.

5. Safety

Stay safe and don’t pack breakables with sharp and jagged items. Fragile items may be wrapped in clothing, linens, and towels.  Keep pets and children away when moving and pull back long hair and trim long fingernails to avoid painful nail breaks. Keep your eyes open and your head up!

6. Go Room-By-Room

Pack each room at a time and ask family members for help. Anyone knows his/her room better and its contents, so when it comes to kids’ room or a family room, you’d better pack with those who reside in the rooms.

7. Clear the Area

Make sure to keep traffic areas clear and, when boxes are ready, move them to the center of the room. Keep doorways unobstructed.

8. Label

Labeling the boxes and know their contents and final destination room. Any box may fall by the wayside during a busy move.  Labeling will help solve unexpected problems. Write on all four sides of the box, as you don’t know what is on one side of boxes when they are stacked on top of each other.

9. Professionals

You could hire professional movers. They are fast, insured against broken or damaged items, and they have all necessary tools with them.  If your move is big and your budget is a flexible, employing professionals really makes sense.

10. Final Sweep

Wipe all shelves with a damp cloth to make sure you haven’t left any precious items there. Turn off any appliances you are leaving behind, but leave the fridge running on the lowest temperature and close the door. Close all windows, doors, and drapes and lock all doors including the garage door(s).  

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