5 Winged Creatures North Americans Can Find in Their Backyards

Posted by Steph Kaye on Thursday, June 16th, 2016 at 3:03pm.

Perhaps you've noticed the same bird and maybe even its friends frequenting your backyard and you have no idea what species are flying around your neighborhood. Lang Premier Properties presents five birds you are likely to find in the U.S. and probably in your own backyard and ways in which you may encourage the presence of desired visitors!  
American Golfinches travel among 30 states east to west and can sometimes head as far north as southern Canada in Summer.  These colorful creatures enjoy southeastern/southwestern U.S. in Winter and are present year-round, although they are less present during Winter.  American Goldfinches enjoy flights from seed head to bird feeder in U.S. gardens throughout the summer as they search for food.  Male American Goldfinches are the actual golden of the two sexes.  The songbird Goldfinches are strictly vegetarian and rely heavily on a diet of seeds.  Grasses, sunflowers, and noninvasive thistles are great food sources for goldfinches.  If you would like to attrac these creatures to your yar, fill your bird feeder with sunflower and supplement winter feedings with Nyjer seeds.  Clean your feeder regularly in order to prevent house finch eye disease.

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