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Understanding The Risks Associated With Selling Your Home By Yourself

You probably seen the advertisements online and on television, advertisements telling you to save the commission and sell your home by yourself. These “for sale by owner” programs are popping up all over the country and while the concept of saving the commission may seem appealing on paper if you were to compare the risks and benefits associated with selling a property you would soon realize that the commission is well deserved for all of the work involved. We are not making empty claims, let’s look at some of the variables that are involved in a real estate transaction and where a qualified real estate agent can make a world of difference.

First rule is there is no such thing as a standard real estate transaction, each and every real estate deal

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The decision to buy or sell a home is arguably one of the biggest decisions you and your spouse will make so choosing the very best real estate agent in all of Birmingham should be your top priority. We have put together these suggestions to help you make a truly informed decision. There are a few important items we need to address before we can proceed, first and most important is to never work with a real estate agent that is not licensed. We cannot stress this enough. There are some people who work with unlicensed real estate agents and are opening themselves to a host of legal problems so do yourself a favor and don’t. Always confirm that the prospective Birmingham real estate agents are licensed and have documentation to back up this claim.


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Since 2008  the value of properties around the world have gone through a major revision. Thankfully the economy is showing signs of a healthy recovery with rising real estate prices being one of the major indicators. If you are thinking about about selling your house right now you should find out what your home is worth.  We will review two ways to determine the current value of your home, trust me it will be fun to find out what your property is currently worth and what it could be worth in the future.

As a property owner we all want the most money possible for our property but your prospective buyers are only willing to spend a certain amount, this is the cornerstone of our capitalistic economy “supply and demand”.  In order to find out what other

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Birmingham Realtor for the Luxury Home

Today we are going to cover some of the primary reasons why you should work with a Birmingham Realtor. If you are thinking about buying or selling a property in Birmingham Michigan you need to find a professional real estate agent, don’t believe the advertisements claiming you can buy and sell property on your own without a real estate agent those claims are false. A Birmingham realtor must study and pass a comprehensive examination to work in real estate, these same individuals also need to spend a considerable amount of time upgrading their skills to stay in compliance all while helping their clients buy and sell property.

When you hire a reputable real estate agent they will protect your interests each

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Most Expensive Homes in South East Michigan

birmingham MI luxury real estate

The most expensive homes in South East Michigan are generally found around major cities and municipalities like Detroit and Grand Rapids. But this does not rule out pockets of neighborhoods in the smaller towns, like Birmingham, that have luxury homes in the league of the most expensive ones.

Apart from the size municipalities, there are other factors that will put a luxury home in this prestigious list of the most expensive luxury homes in South East Michigan.

The first of these factors is its location. A luxury home along the banks of Detroit River, in The Detroit International Riverfront or one that is along the edges of the Lake St Clair, is more expensive than one further away. Furthermore,

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Choose the Best

Whether you want to buy or sell your property you need to find a top tier real estate agent who can help you make the most of the opportunity. We decided to put together some really helpful tips so you can select the best real estate agent in Birmingham Mi.

The first step is making a list of all the real estate agents that service the Birmingham area, there will be a large number to choose from. When you have a list of prospects created you need to refine the list to only show real estate agents that have been serving the area for at least five (5) years however this five years is the minimum number of years. The reason you want to target real estate agents in Birmingham with more than five years experience is to make sure the real

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Living in Luxury

Are you looking to buy a luxury home in the small and beautiful city of Birmingham, Michigan? Perhaps you imagine, and maybe rightly so, the process of making this dream a reality is a long and difficult one. Closing that deal successfully in order to own your luxury home in Birmingham, Michigan should be easy if you take the following simple steps.

       Define what you want in a luxury home and what your budget can accommodate

Before going out to scout for your dream luxury home in and around the city, you must first define what you need in terms of the size of the home, the spaciousness/design of the garden, swimming pool size and other such like minor but important details. It is also important to consider the

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August continued the trend we outlined last month in each geographic area and price range with the market continuing to improve over last year, but at a slower rate. The pace of sales and of new listings entering the market are increasing and values are improving. New buyers are still outrunning new listings, so inventories continue to fall (with the exception of Washtenaw County and Northwest Michigan, where inventories have risen slightly).

The overall Months Supply of Inventory hit another record low at two months and values have risen to a five-year high. Some select markets are approaching their peak 2005 values. This is, of course, all a result of what is really an overheated market. A market that moves too far ahead of the pace of the overall

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Woodward Corridor Housing Make-Over


The Kresge Foundation based out of Troy Michigan along with a Washington nonprofit organization have come up with 30 million dollars to help developers build residential homes in Detroit’s Woodward corridor. The Woodward Corridor Investment Fund set up by philanthropic organizations and banks will help developers build more market-rate and moderate-income residential projects. NCB Capitol Impact along with other foundation supporters will offer loan terms that cannot be found with traditional lenders.

Experts say that affordable housing is going to be the key to success which has been lacking in the areas redevelopments. Rip Rapson, president of The Kresge Foundation, said in a statement. “Access to

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The Pesky Intruders

As the temperature drops, we comfy up inside our fantastic, warm houses. Tragically, so do bugs and rodents.

If the intruders are as little as a ground dwelling insect or as large as a group of skunks, your best barrier against bugs is close their passage ways into your home. Here's what to do.

  • Asses the Exterior
  • Concentrate on windows and entryways
  • Put screens on vents
  • Control your garden and plants
  • Double-check repairs
  • Monitor the enemy
  • Identify the intruder
  • Create a Plan
  • Know when to hire a professional

Along with these tips here are a few more ideas that will help you combat these pesky pests:

  1. Install door sweeps on exterior doors and repair damaged screens.
  2. Screen vents
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