October 2013

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Technology Making Things Easier

In the last 10 years we have seen some profound changes in technology, these changes have helped the real estate market reach new heights in both productivity and results. We are going to review a few of these technological changes and why they matter but don’t worry we will keep the technical jargon to the minimum.

In the past if you wanted to buy or sell a property you had to deal with an agent who would have a limited amount of inventory available. These agents had to work really hard to identify suitable properties that matched your needs and requirements. The multiple listing service (MLS) changed the world in a profound way, now you can simply go online and look at properties that are for sale anywhere in

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Time to Sell?

With the total number of foreclosures being filed slowing down the property market is poised for a recovery. If you own your home and want to sell it now may be the perfect time, interest rates are at all time lows which lets prospective buyers borrow a larger sum of money. You need to get some information before you can decide whether now is the right time to sell or not, you need a reputable Birmingham Realtor who can help you make the most important financial decision in your life.

The first question that needs to be addressed is figure out the property value, you could guess but ask each of the prospective real estate agents what your home is currently worth by checking the market and pulling comps of nearby houses. Do not pick the

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Equity in Your Home

If you are a homeowner or thinking about buying/selling a property the latest remodeling market index reports are a welcome sight. For the last two quarters there has been steady growth in the number of homes that have remodeling work done. This is a positive indicator that the property market is making a recovery. Homeowners are now financially able to take out equity in their home to renovate. There are two primary reasons why the property owners are renovating, to boost the value of their home and to enhance the value. This sentiment shows homeowners are committed to their purchase and look to maintain it over the long term. These are truly positive factors but it would be unwise to draw any conclusions based solely on

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The Value of Your Home

The real estate market is making a comeback and property prices are on the rise, if you wondered “what’s my home worth right now?” you are not alone. There are some people who try to guess what their property is worth but the problem with guessing is it’s hit or miss so to speak. We are going to provide you with some tips on how to figure out your current home value but these are suggestions if you want hard numbers to make an informed decision then your best option is to speak with a Birmingham real estate agent. These Birmingham Realtor’s have gone through extensive training and have a formula that is very precise in calculating property value.

So let’s look at how you can figure out what your home is worth right now,

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We have decided to tackle an important subject, why you should live in a community like Birmingham. This is not an overview of the various family friend activities you can participate in there are many to choose from instead we are going to give you the 50,000 foot view so buckle your seatbelts and put your tray in the upright position, it will get interesting real fast.

For the last few decades there has been a growing number of Americans moving to “the city” to find work and opportunity and for a time they did. But yes there is always a “but” during the last ten (10) years or so the number of people moving into the cities has been on decline. There are few reasons why living in a large metropolitan area may not be in your best interest. The number

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If you are thinking about buying a home you may be feeling a considerable amount of anxiety. With interest rates for mortgages poised to rise at any time it is vital to think things over very carefully. One of the biggest hazards is the federal government which is constantly going to the brink of default on the national debt and while we cannot directly influence the decision of lawmakers in Washington their decisions do have a profound impact on the quality of life we have. This uncertainty creates an opportunity for you as a home buyer, while interest rates will rise soon this will make some homes unaffordable reducing the total number of qualified buyers in the market. Since the number of qualified buyers has greatly reduced it means less competition

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The housing market is making a strong comeback but the partisan politics at the White House could make your dreams of homeownership just that, a dream. What does the White House have to do with owning a home? We are on the verge of having the U.S. government default on its debts. If the government of the United States defaults we will lose our reputation as being the country that always pays its debts. While there are many worse case scenarios floating around on how the world could end if the U.S. defaults; let’s look at some of the practical implications.

Most of the lenders that deal in mortgages borrow money from banks who borrow from the Federal Reserve (The Fed).  If the government were to default on its debt, the country would have to pay

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If you are looking for a property to call home then you should look at communities like Birmingham that offer a very family friendly environment that is truly family friendly. There are many great activities throughout the year that you could participate in but we are going to look at the proverbial nuts and bolts of buying the perfect home in Birmingham. The first question that must be addressed, what is your budget ? Birmingham has some really great quality properties that range from modest to luxury so knowing what you can spend before you go looking for properties is key.

Buying a home in Birmingham or anywhere else for that matter is a very serious decision that should not be faced alone, you need a professional real estate agent to help you with

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If you want to sell your luxury property in Birmingham there are some really important things you need to follow in order to achieve success. The first question is finding out what your property is worth. There are some people who associate high cost with the term ”luxury” but what this word really means is value. Since this may be your first time selling a luxury property in Birmingham there could be several questions that come up. What you need to do is seek out the help of a licensed and fully qualified real estate agent who has experience in this type of transactions.

You need to find a licensed real estate agent that has been doing this type of work for at least five (5) years but preferably longer than that. The reason we are going over the

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If you are or have served in the military you should consider getting the home of your dreams in Birmingham. This community has a strong military tradition and down to Earth sensibility that makes it one of the best places to live. Under the V.A. program you can secure a mortgage to purchase a great home in Birmingham at ultra-low interest rates. The reason we strongly recommend buying a home in Birmingham now is the affordable prices. The real estate market is poised to bounce back and when it does you will benefit from the appreciation of value in your home but for the time being you can find a really good bargain.

While there are many communities around this country you could live there are a few distinct reasons you should hang your hat in

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