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The time between Christmas shopping and summer spending is a joyous occasion in which your wallet has the chance to take a breath.  With summer expenses such as lawncare, pool maintenance, air conditioning, and kids being home from school, you may discover that your bank account needs a little CPR.  

Lang Premier Properties presenst six ways to save during the summer:

1. - Gardening

Vegetable gardening is a great way to cut down your gorcery bill AND eat healthy.  Seeds run roughly $0.50-3.00 a packet, depending on where you shop.  Seedlings cost about the same amount per plant and, depending on the number of pounds of produce you can get from a single plant in contrast to the number of pounds of produce you would purchase at the market,

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Memorial Day is more than extended weekends, boating parties, and backyard barbecues.  Lang Premier Properties presents ten Memorial Day facts to help lend some perspective to this somber, national holiday and to respectfully acknowledge those who gave their lives in order that we might freely live.  

1. - Memorial Day began as a response to the vast carnage of the Civil war.  Upwards of 620,000 brave, valiant soldiers died and such loss led to various commemorations of those precious lives throughout the country.  

2. - In 1864, flowers were placed on the graves of those who lost their lives in the Battle of Gettysburg by a Pennsylvanian woman.  The followng year led to a group of women decorating soldiers' graves in Vicksburg, Mississippi.  

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The West appeares to be shaping up for another season of total dominance in national home sale growth.  

While growth continues at a rate of 0.6% nationally quarter-over-quarter, the rates are somewhat varied regionally speaking.  The Northeast and Midwest regional quarterly growth rates are sluggish at 0.2% quarterly growth and the South is growing a 0.7% quarter-over-quarter.  

The West kicked off the real estate busy season with a quarter-over-quarter growth increase of 0.3% bringing the rates up to 1.2% from its original 0.9% in April.  Such a shift in momentum establishes a pattern for strong summer growth as the West dominates regional performance yet again.  

In a list of HIghest Performing Major Metro Markets, it is easy to see that

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When compared to their male counterparts, single women are becoming one of the most important demographics in the housing market - especially when it comes to buying.  Of the recent buyers who are single, women accounted for 60% more home purchaes than men across all age brackets.  Single women are proving to be the largest home buying demographic after married couples.  This trend is projected to increase over the next few years due to the decreasing gender-pay gap, increased financial independence for women, and faster increasing incomes above males in some localities.  

Baby boomers still own the housing market even though millennials are becoming rather successful in the real estate market.  Single female baby boomers are apt to purchase twice

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Perhpas you have selected your experienced realtor, hired your professional housekeeping service, and secured your title company.  You are feeling pretty good about selling your home and feel that you are adequately prepared to lure in prospective buyers like fish to a baited hook. Think again!  An experienced home stager is sure to be your secret weapon as he or she will work to present your home in its best possible light, taking a special interest in how your home is perceived by prospective buyers.  

The act of preparing to show your property in hopes of selling it quickly is a profession.  Home stagers work systematically, with coordinated methodology as they incorporate a knowledge of the real estate market, home renovations, and creative

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If you are one of the many home owners busily readying your home to sell this summer, put on your garden gloves and get to work on beautifying your outdoor flower beds and lawn space.  An inviting garden will drawer the wandering eyes of many buyers and boost value to your home, resulting in a faster sale and the best price possible for your house. 

Lang Premier Properties suggests six garden to-do's that are sure to add value to your home and invite multiple showings, likely resulting in multiple offers on your home.  

MOW: There is nothing more distasteful than an overgrown, heavily weeded lawn.  Mowing your grass is a fast, easy step to tidying up your outdoor space and making your property stand out above the rest of the competition.

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Moving can be a stressful event and the anxiety of packing up everything from furniture to electronics can overshadow the joy of living in a new home.  One of the best ways to conquer your packing fears is to begin the process early.  Moving doesn't have to be overwhelming with good preparation and a few excellent tips for packing like it's your job. 

Here are some genius packing tips to help ease the burden of your upcoming move:

Hit up local grocers and chain stores for free boxes.

You would be amazed at how pricey decent packing boxes can be!  Most grocers and corporations such as Wal-Mart, Big Lots, and Meijer receive shipments on a daily basis and typcially break down and recycle their empty boxes.  You might be able to score some

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The housing market has embarked upon its sixth consecutive year of recovery and continues to gain ground while defaulted mortgages and foreclosures are decreasing to an all-time low since 2007.  Property values are steadily rising along side home owners' equity.  

The average home price in April escalated to $231,000, a 7.4% increase from the previous year.  The current recovery pace will bring about a season which marks first time home prices rising beyond the 2006-2007 peak levels.  Price appreciation rates have tapered off from 2012 and 2013.  After the lowest dip in 2014, year-over-year growth has has become more sustainable at 5-6% rates.  

This busy home buying season is marked by inventory shortages and escalating biding wars, much like

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For young adults who are repaying student loans, home ownership seems like a distant dream.  U.S. Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro recently announced some of the regulatory changes coming soon to ensure housing opportunities exist for younger generations, specifically for those who are struggling to repay student loans.  

While hard work, building up a solid savings account, and personal investment via higher education have always been stepping stones to the American dream, increased costs for education seem to be getting in the way of achieving that dream.  

Castro states that HUD is committed to exploring changes which will help more Americans purchase a home and, in November of last year, the Federal Housing

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Most mortgage applicants know that the higher their credit scores, the lower the interest rate when purchasing a mortgage.   The mildest decrease in interest can save you a great deal of money over the life of a 30-year loan.  Short term efforts to boost your credit score will save you money in the long term.  

Lang Premier Properties advises consumers to begin credit improvements six month prior to shopping for a mortgage and one year is even better.  Consider utiziling the services of a credit monitoring company in order to search for gaps in your credit score and effectively repair them. 

It is best not to pull your credit report from all three major credit bureaus simultaneously.  You are entitled to only ONE free copy of your credit report

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