June 2017

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There are excellent ways to improve the look of your yard and all the other exterior aspects of your home when selling. From cutting the grass to planting shade trees to good lighting to planting more flowers around the around. All are just some of the tips offered in this knowledgeable video about how to improve the look and feel of your property. To make something alluring to buyers there can be easy investments of time and money. The range of actions that can be taken are spectacular insights for those looking to implement a few choices for a property's augmentation. 

Please check out our Lang Premier Properties' exclusive informative video on how to increase yard improvement methods to add value to your home and property. 

Thank you and enjoy!

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Ring around the rosey, pocket full of posey…or another other plant that will successfully populate your garden is needed. Come Spring Time it’s a delight to watch a garden grow. However, maintaining a flourishing array of plants and flowers is the bane of many a gardeners existence.

No longer do you need to be in the dark because these flowers are hard-to-kill and make for wonderful additions to any property. With the right amount of love and care these plants: Wild Geranium, Oregano, Chives, Red Poppies and Daffodils can withstand wintry seasons and blossom into a bouquet of loveliness. 


We think that beautifying any property is good for the seller and buyer. If your looking to sell a garden is a lovely value-add and if you're looking to sell

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The housing market in Metro Detroit is hot, hot, hot! And there are key indicators about where to buy new homes. Lang Premier Properties has expertise in all of these areas and would be happy to discuss any properties you have found. We can provide insight into all the areas that appeal to you. With deep layers of experience in all the Metro Detroit areas listed there should be no reason why we can't help you find your dream home! 


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  Millennials face a strong housing market and a Washington company called Fundrise is looking for an innovative way to promote revitalization of urban areas. Homebuyer Investors (HBIs) are able to purchase stock in funds that seek to improve properties in various areas. Gains realized come as the properties are sold. However, there's also the ability to invest in a property you might end up owning. Fundrise supports the direct sale and lack of Real Estate Agents. Naturally, Lang Premier Properties recommends the OPPOSITE! As Real Estate agents we understand the nuances of home sales, the legalities of purchase and the relationships need to GET YOUR YOUR HOUSE! So while new things might be enticing the old way of doing things is a tried and true way to

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It's almost time for CraftCom when the streets will be filled with celebration and the supernatural. The Lang Premier Property family is looking to let their inner Superheroes roam around.

There will be live music, crafts, Craft Beer, Cosplay and a Kids' Zone! Something for everyone and a day to make memories. Homes are all about neighborhoods and immersing yourself in the joyous events the communities present. Showcasing the positive side of Clawson is a reason to celebrate - so find your cape, your wand, your tights - and come see some sights.

Please stop by the Lang Premier Properties booth because we'll have a real-life superhero named Elbert Moore who is a world recognized Kickboxer and Trainer. He'll be putting on some demonstrations that will

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With summertime on the horizon now is the best time to examine what renovations and home improvements you can make. There are outdoor and indoor solutions, which make sense now that Old Father Winter has retreated. Make plans for outdoor space…Windows might need an upgrade…How’s that driveway looking? If you have a deck – what the heck – look into refinishing it.

Without the threat of snow blanketing everything you look at now is the time to see what you can do to make your dream home that much dreamier. Enjoy! Read more about how to take advantage of the weather! 



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