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With summer comes the excitement of being outside and enjoying your backyard. Lang Premier Properties understands that sometimes updates need to be made to ensure that your space is as luxurious as you’d like it to be. After all when hosting parties, BBQs and social gatherings don’t we all want to put our best foot forward – but how can we if we’re concerned about some rotten planks in our decks?


1. The Deck Update:

Winter can be brutal on decks and patios. Warping, rotting, and missing slats can arise after a rough winter. Make sure your deck is structurally sound – sand, stain and seal if needed – and voila! You’ve improved your party patio!

2. Purchasing Patio Furniture:

Don’t forget to accent this space with engaging patio

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This is a MUST HAVE! Exquisite Colonial situated in Waterford - Eagle Landings on the Lake subdivision. With .26 acreage, a lush backyard, newly installed amenities and all-sports privileges to Pleasant Lake it calls out to be claimed. 

Roberta Lane - Front

Waterford - backyard

An elegant and bright living room boasts a full-wall fireplace. These Michigan winters call out for cuddling in front of such an amenity!

7385 roberta lane - living room fireplace

Do you harbor a love of cooking and entertaining? The open-air kitchen offers a deluxe granite countertop. The easy-to-clean, classic stone floors in a dining room with patio views just demand your attention.

7385 robert lane dining room

The first floor walk-in laundry room makes making the trek from task to completion that much more delightful. 

laundry room

And what could be more enticing than a

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If you’re in the market to buy or sell you’ll have to work with lending agencies that can create hope or disappointment.  All too often, the reality is that “preapproval” and “conditional approval” can be farther apart than you’d like.  First, let’s discuss – preapproval. It’s simply the information a client tells a Home Loan Expert – who then should run a credit report. On the other hand, conditional approval involves intense credit checks, submission and review of a range of financial documents (e.g., tax returns, paystubs, bank statements, utility bills, debt obligations, etc.).  A thorough review of this paperwork by a quality lender moves you closer to conditional approval.

 House money


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Need another tip for home sales? Don’t stage specifically. Lang has had success with staging key areas like the living room, kitchen and master bedroom. Staging shouldn’t severely reflect your personal interests but should more be a reflection of a general design. However, while we, at Lang believe in staging we don’t think it necessarily means having to completely redesign your house.

 Staged Home

Staging needs to encourage the buyer’s imagination. It needs to let someone envision themselves in the home. Decluttering is an easy aspect of staging. Furthermore, you can keep up those family photos just ensure that things don’t look claustrophobic. By opening up space, you open up buyer’s minds.


So have fun with it! Though you can let your spirit shine

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Selling your house is an obvious challenge – but there are straightforward, quick improvements that can make your house safer. While our article talks about new homes we’d like to focus on the fact that prepping your house for inspections and sale is just as important.  You don’t have to go into debt making immediate improvements that can enhance the safety of your home (ok, save for the roof maybe, if that’s haunting you). We at Lang Premier Properties have sold scores of houses and know it’s a blessing for the owner and seller to have clarity on safety.  You want to know that you can roam around and that roof won’t fall in…you want to know you won’t slide off the toilet seat (because it’s not screwed in well enough)…and you’d like to know that water

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