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In this time of need, Houston’s is overwhelming. If you have thought of giving but haven’t yet, we’ve found an article that gives a list of legitimate charities to give to. The dangers in giving, of course, are that your money never gets to the end person who needs it most. Don’t get scammed!!!


This list is aggregated by the credible New York Times. They range from the trusty American Red Cross to the Salvation Army to the Humane Society to LGBTQ institutions. Regardless, of where your loyalties lay those folks need anything that people can contribute.

We, at Lang, appreciate the sanctity of home. In addition, when Mother Nature wields her cruel wand the outcomes can be terrible and unpredicted. The rescue efforts and rebuilding of Houston will

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In the wake of the Hurricane Harvey tragedy there are things to learn about how to best protect yourself from a flood. While the reality is that higher ground is the most surefire solution to avoiding a flood, this is not a reality for many people. The other sad truth is that flood insurance often isn’t offered into home insurance packages. So here are a few tips on what to do preemptively so that you can make the best out of a worst case scenario.

Find out your flood level. Have an expert over to identify where the water level would rise in your home.

Then raise all electric, wiring and circuit breakers above the flood line. If you can modify any anchored equipment like water heaters and furnaces, do so.

Outside equipment like

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Whether it’s entertaining or home improvement or both that you enjoy one can never have enough gadgets. While we can entertain the fact that there is a point of too much technology the truth is it’s not only not going anywhere but it also can enhance the home experience.

So today, we bring you several innovative technological items that can transform the mundane into the magnificent.

Remote illumination? Super cool. 

Luke Roberts Smart Light – This LED pendant lamp, from Austrian startup Luke Roberts, lets you place light in any direction, illuminating only certain areas of a room through simple gestures on your phone.

What a better way to install a simple Nanny-cam? 

Kuri – Created by Mayfield Robotics, this app uses a camera to check

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Hello everyone and Happy Friday! We’re back with another must-read article about mortgages. With interest rates low there are ways to take advantage of refinancing. The creative ways are listed in the article below and well worth reviewing. It’s never not a good time to see how your money can work better for you. Things like shortening the length of your term or do a cash-in refinance, are just a couple of the ways that you can take advantage of your financial situation.

Enjoy the read! 


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Like with any purchase there are deal-breakers. What are yours? When looking into buying a home there are some obvious, egregious things that need to be avoided in order to successfully position your house in the best light take heed. You have great control over putting on the best face for your place.


1. PESTS:             Triple check that your home is insect free. Rare would it be that you’re going to look at a place where there’s an infestation, however, as a seller you must be radical in the dissection of your house to ensure that there are any hidden hives, nests, pockets of unwanted vermin lurking about. If a buyer catches a glimpse of something they could immediate conclude that either there’s an infestation they’d have to contend with or

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When preparing for an Open House most of us think about staging the interior of a house. Well, we recommend you not forget about the exterior of your home. As people approach your home they’re assessing various aspects of the house on the outside that can impact their overall opinion.

The Windows

For example, dirty windows and screens give off an unkempt vibe. By sprucing them up you convey to the buyers that you care about the small details. The entire look of the house can be uplifted too, by such an investment of time. This kind of maintenance, of course, should be done prior to any sign-off on an Open House.

The Foliage

Another area of concern are the lawn and gardens. Any overgrown foliage greatly diminishes the appearance of the house.

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We rarely just post an article without providing some additional information. Today is an exception, because the pictures associated with this articles must be seen to be believed! For those of you with kids we imagine you are extremely familiar with having a plethora of LEGOs around the house. Well the authors of this article provide several creative and unique ways to put those LEGOs to use.


Please take a moment and enjoy these innovative solutions. 

Have fun! 


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Ok, while we don’t specialize in selling these, nor do we quite believe they exist we still though it would be a good weekend read! The most popular house ever on the market – Amityville – is not your everyday affair. But we thought we look into a few criteria that account for calling some a Haunted House. Is yours?


Although most people think places like old castles, prisons, or hospitals tend to be haunted, old houses can give off that vibe too.  In reality, any place can feel pretty spooky at times.

Apparently, there are some indicators that exist if you think your house is haunted…do you:

  • feel cobwebs on your face often? and inside?
  • feel like someone’s watching you?
  • feel like you’re being touched by invisible hands?
  • feel a
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Today we’ll have a little fun and impart some tips on how to create a clean, fresh living, durable living environment for you and your pet family. While we all love softwood floors the reality is that dogs’ claws will scratch them up, so consider alternatives like ceramic tiles or hardwood floors and area rugs if you want that extra layer of protection. Brands like SmartStrand Forever Clean or Dupont Sarona® makes are stable options for decorating your place with high quality, attractive and pet-friendly floor coverings.  Area rugs are also a great option because for as many scratching posts as you have kitties love a good carpet and the ease with which you can replace an area rug is a bonus. Additionally, you then have the chance to let your inner

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Allow yourself to luxuriate in wonderful Western & Southern panoramic views that enliven the entire abode. Picture yourself living in the midst of activity and extravagance. There is a generous amount of space : 2,000 sq ft that propels this loft into a truly rare find. 


Saunter into your spacious, open kitchen after a long day of work and unwind by cooking on stainless steel appliances with granite countertops. 

Entertain your guests in a dining room that affords relaxing eating while bathing in the sumptuous moonlight views or sunny landscapes. Furthermore, 3 balconies provide an additional 300 sq ft to the entire property. 

After joyful time with friends and family meander over to the living room to chillax. Or should a long

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