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So you’ve bought your dream home in perhaps an area that you didn’t realize was a noisy as it is. Well there are ways to fix your home to tackle problems that are keeping you up at night. The changes that you’d have to make are not overly in depth so that you can face them without undue anxiety and be confident that you’ll relish the outcome.

When you’re looking to tamp down external noise to regain the tranquility that you sought in the first place.

Close up your gaps: Make your walls and windows air tight. If you see any cracks and holes in walls caulk them up. If there are areas that have exposure due to wires or pipes then you can fill those openings with foam or putty.

Invest in High-Quality Windows: High quality windows are one of the

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Welcome to Wednesday, this one is for the newbies. If you’re new to the home buying process there are a few critical steps with which you should become familiarized. Aside from creating a great relationship with you realtor, your trusted source in this complex game there are other players who will play important factors into your mortgage underwriting process.

The categories to know are: Verification,  Appraisal, Title Search & Title Insurance, Flood Certification, and Survey.

Verification: After the crisis of 2008 there are stricter rules in place for verifying documentation for the mortgage company. In addition to supplying documentation about where you work, your employer is usually called to find out what you are paid. If you’re

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Are you coming up to a closing? Excited about finding selling your house and moving onto bigger and better things? But there are always potential problems that can impede a closing. As the stress increases closer to closing unpredictable things can get in the way of a smooth closing. We at Lang Premier Properties pass on a few tips to help ensure a smooth closing.

1. Create an Offer Analysis Plan. Know the deal points like the back of your hand. Understand the issues that can impact mortgage and insurance contingencies.  The highest price might not be the best, so understand what kind of wiggle room you are willing to accommodate if it means getting the sale.

2. While it’s always exciting to finally get the offer you want the reality is that things

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So think you have a home that will rapidly sell in this hot market and then reality hits and you’re on the market longer than you expected. What happened? What can you do differently? Apparently, there are several items which can turn buyers off and the sooner you understand what they are the sooner you can sell. 

The major issues are:






Now let’s examine them more thoroughly.

Clutter: People walk into a house envisioning themselves living there. If your house is filled with clutter it’s an impediment that can’t be overlooked. So keep it clean and organized.

Staging: An industry proven augmentation to any home. Make it look pretty!

Price: If you think you can set a high price and

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Lang believes in luxury in whatever way you wish to define your own. Given some mitigating factors now is the best time to buy into the luxury that you’d like. While the article focuses on young adults looking to buy luxury homes, the reality is that these standards apply to anyone looking to do the same.


Interest rates are low and what better time to take advantage of purchasing something then when this economic scenario is in effect. Additionally, while the housing market is tight in the Detroit Metro area, housing prices are down overall. The market is softening a bit, without bursting the bubble.

Affordable insurance makes home ownership that much more viable. Finally, even though we spoke of the situation where more people were renting,

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Our blog recently discussed how to take care of your rental property and we have an interesting update on the matter. In short, no one thinks of 2008 without cringing. The impact of the financial crisis was far and wide and devastating for many Americans. The consequences of Wall Street’s implosion still resonate throughout the nation. Today, we’ll discuss one fascinating aspect that has influenced the buying choice of many people.


As was widely reported years ago, people lost their homes and savings. Subsequently, as people got back onto their feet new fiscal scenarios confronted a lot of individuals and families. In the aftermath of the financial disaster, people were unable to purchase new homes. However, the desire for a home of one’s own

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We know that usually funday is reserved for Sunday, but  how about Funday Monday! Lang Premier Properties believes that your luxury defines itself and manifests in the wonderful ways you decorate your life. Choices are unique and the property we’re featuring today – is a total unicorn (to borrow from the article). 

Built in 1851, this Gramercy Park historic brownstone is beyond delicious. Appointed with a majestic touch this magical property is appointed to perfection. It’s an inspiration to look at. Enjoy the photos, because how could you not? 

The exposed patio that opens to this dining room is just divine. 

The view looks out on Stuyvesant Park. For all you New York lovers it's a quaint little hideaway. 

An entryway to die

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Let’s talk about renting. Do you have investment properties? We have some tips on how to maintain your property what with fall fast upon us.

A key to a successful partnership with your renter is open communication. If there are things that need to be done for fall, let them know. It will enhance the relationship and underscore the care you take for your property.

First, ensure that the windows and doors are appropriately caulked and weather stripped so that heating bills don’t rise to ridiculous levels. Additionally, if you have a fireplace make sure to clean the flue and that it’s free of debris. No one wants a fire hazard or smoke inhalation risks calls regarding those incidents.

Legally all smoke alarms have to be up to snuff.

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As you a millennial? or know one? Chances are however, if you’re a seller you might have some millennials coming to spec out your property. Lo and behold, there are certain things these folks look for when seeking to buy. Turns out they are 35% of the buying power in the housing market across the U.S., and with Detroit attracting young talent for all the industries around here, appealing to the Millennial quotient is a veritable need.

So what do they look for?

The top amenity that hits the list is: Separate Laundry rooms. As in a completely separate laundry room. Interesting, but true.

The second most desired feature is outdoor lighting. Millennials like their landscape illuminated.

Another element of home buying that appeals to the

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If you’ve lived here for sometime or just moved to Detroit, I imagine you haven’t hit all the funky attractions that this city has to offer. Aside from the notable gentrification and money that’s being poured into Detroit there are historical sites well worth the visit. So, why not treat yourself to some entertainment as a break from the norm.


Detroit Historical Museum – a gem of a museum featuring exciting historical attractions.

Meadowbrook Hall – a castle built for Melinda Dodge this extravagant home offers a luxurious introduction to the old-time glory of Detroit’s Golden Years.

Edsel & Eleanor Ford House – Tours of the home, gallery, gardens and grounds will keep you entertained for hours. This English-replica mansion is a site to

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