January 2018

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We’ve discussed over time a number of home repairs that can help you improve the attraction of your house to potential buyers. However, rarely do these articles have actual ROI (return on investment) estimates attached to such decisions. Well, look no further, we’ve found an article for you that has a thorough chart of various home upgrades and their ROIs. Knowing how much you’ll be investing in your home with an eye on what kind of return you’ll get is a critical variable in determining whether you wish to make a value-added investment or not.

Especially in this seller’s market there are some real numbers to understand when undertaking an upgrade versus a replacement. So let this list help inform you as to what kind of prioritization needs to happen

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Are you hoping to finally make that leap in becoming a homeowner…but you recognize that the MAIN component of that dream is financially rooted. Examining one’s finances can be overwhelming and anxiety inducing but there are some reasonable recommendations we’ve researched that might make your dream appear that much closer. So please, take a moment and see if any/all of these suggestions might make tough things a little bit easier.


  1. CREATE A BUDGET: It’s sounds sooooo tedious and like a task that easy to procrastinate, but most of us underestimate the true nature of our disposable cash. While we think we have a handle on what we spend, we often ballpark and the sooner you have some exactitude in this matter the sooner you can take steps needed to
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It’s natural for winter to bring a lull to the housing markets. People just don’t want to trudge out into freezing temperatures and go through the rigmarole needed to secure a new place. Like, bears most of us just want to hibernate. Despite those inclinations houses are still selling and people are still buying. So, we examine in the new year some critical ways that you can sell your house. Here’s a quick list of tips.



While you might be tempted to make a lot on your beloved home, after investing money etc., buyers are savvy today and they know if a house is overpriced. Additionally, if your house ends up sitting on the market too long, due to the pricing issue, that opens doors for folks to think there’s something

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