January 2019

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Drum roll, please…


The 2019 Pantone Color of the year is…


                          .Living Coral



Why on God’s green earth should you care? Well, my friend, it is going to be everywhere from retail to home decor, to your toothbrush. So let’s get acquainted…


Pantone describes it as:


“An animating and life-affirming coral hue with a golden undertone that energizes and enlivens with a softer edge.”


They also go on to describe how our lives are pretty messed up with technology a shifting environment and this color will enable connection, intimacy and authentic immersive experience ( I am paraphrasing).


I do believe that color can affect your mood...but calm down.


So, how can we incorporate this color

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Homeownership, the ultimate American Dream. It's American like apple pie. One of the first things Uncle Joe asks when you become an adult (whenever that is). But thinking about buying a home can be overwhelming, to the point you grab your favorite snacks wrap up in a blanket and binge on Netflix till the junk food runs out and you can’t feel your legs.  So before you even start jumping into looking into homes what are three things you need to consider?


First and foremost-buy a home because you want to. Not because your Mom is guilt tripping you into or because all of your friends are doing or because you almost 40 and still renting.  Do it because this is something you want and are able to handle. Yes, real estate can be a great investment but it

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     Hello, my name is Natalie and love helping people. A lot.  I am compassionate by nature, the friend everyone calls at three in the morning. The friend they tell the most TMI  too. (Like seriously I really don’t need to know that. And no I don’t want to see it either.). So becoming a registered nurse was the only logical step for me. In fact, I have eighteen years of experience in the medical profession.  WOW, time flies and I have enjoyed every gritty, heartbreaking, joyful, tearful, ecstatic, stressful, learning and happy moment that, that profession provided. There is nothing like being given the honor of being part of someone's worst experience and helping them along the way to better health.  

     But wait...how does real estate come in?

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