March 2019

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It’s time for a change, a new breath of fresh air. Or maybe you have just outgrown your space and you just can’t ignore it anymore. Grandma shouldn’t be camping out in the living room. For your personal sanity, your three kids shouldn't be sharing a room.  And you should use your garage for your car, not an extra living space or a reenactment of hoarders. So if the thought of putting it up for sale gets you in a panic, follow these steps to get your home in listing shape.


  1. First and foremost get a  realtor. For Sale By Owner or FISBO accounted for 7% of home sales in 2017. AND if you sell your home by yourself you have to consider marketing and only 49% of FISBO did any active marketing. How well do you think they did? That means they were

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Spring has finally sprung and you know it’s been a long winter when the sun hurts your eyes and you find your dog searching for beach vacations. This is also the time of the year we do spring cleaning. I know for many including myself cleaning is a four letter word. Have you named your dust bunnies and are seriously considering claiming them on your taxes as dependants? Have no fear, I have 10 quick and easy spring cleaning tips. Let the procrastinators in all of us rejoice.

  1. Go through your medicine cabinet and clear out any old or expired medications you don’t need. Medications like opioids, i.e. prescription pain medication you will need to dispose of properly. Most hospitals have programs to dispose of these medications, just call and ask.

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