3 Costly Mistakes Investors Should Avoid

Posted by Steph Kaye on Monday, May 16th, 2016 at 10:55am.

As with the development of other businesses, real estate investments demand focused attention to detail and consistent due diligence.  The minimization of mistakes and capitalization of opportunities are the only hope for any sustainable business.  However, real estate investors who are new to the business often make detrimental mistakes.  If you are a new investor, there are three major mistakes you should avoid in order to be successful in your endeavors:

Not Recognizing People as the Greatest Asset

Not many careers can provide the same return on investment as real estate.  Real Estate investors rely heavily upon their property acquisitions in order to supplement bottom lines, however each individual deal has the power to dramatically change the course of a career within a very short time.  That being said, there are few things that have the ability to trump a perfect property. 

Oddly enough, properties in and of themsleves are not the most important asset to real estate investors.  There is a much greater, intangible asset which far outweighs any real estate deal. 

The asset of a chosen people with whom an investor choosese to work is priceless.  Property transactions are done deals upon purchase, however people have the ability to contribute to a powerful and lucrative career for years to come and relationships net greater profits than any singular business deal can at a given time.  Each new relationship could produce the best deal yet for a real estate investor and networking is a powerful skill that should never be underestimated. 

Fostered relationships carry great implications within the realm of real estate as it is a people business.  A working rapport with people can elevate a business to unfathomable heights, however far too many investors don't recognize that people are more important than the bottom line.  Priorities placed on profit margins often result in neglected relationships with the very same people who made the deal a success to begin with.  Products should ever be prized above people and your next relationship could result in a tremendous propulsion to your next career level.  

Neglecting to Form a Plan "B"

Real estate investment revolves around many moving parts and each individual transaction is contingent on every part falling into place at a precise, perfect moment.  Real estate investors implement business plans in order to ensure that processes are executed as they should be and success becomes more of a habit than a chance that is taken.  As a new investor, you should establish a business plan for how you intend to execute each process of a deal.  There will always be the unexpected and not everything will ALWAYS go according to your plan, however preparation for the unexpected steers more in the direction of success than failure.  Make sure to develop a backup plan in the event that your first route leads to a dead end.  

Be careful to guard against complancency as the best made plans cannot always be executed flawlessly.  The more strategies you have in your back pocket, the greater the chance of success.  Don't get lazy in your processes and always be learning and seeking out new, creative methods for conducting business transactions. 

Prematurely Scaling Businesses

Real estate growth is likely promoted more than any other industry and real estate investors face opportunites to scale their companies with each successfully closed deal.  Every chance for profit adds to a bottom line and contributes to expansion attempts.  As an investor, is is important to exercise extreme caution when considering expansions on current endeavors.  The temptation to expand beyond your means could cost you everything and it is important to take the appropriate steps during the expansion process so as not to do more harm than good.  Premature expansion is one of the most common, costly  mistakes for rookie real estate investors.  

Take a look at your capacity for growth and be sure your comany can handle the changes before you commit to an expansion plan.  The idea of scaling up can be considered only upon the placement and implementation of systems, technology, and man power.  Any expansion attempts should be contingent on whether or not these three factors are sufficient to meet the demands of a larger business.  There are several components worthy of consideration prior to the implementation of an expansion plan.  Can the company afford to bring in new people who intend to contribute to future growth?  Can new systems be implemented on a repeated basis successfully regardless of who carries them out?  Finally, real estates entrepreneur should familiarize themselves with the latest technology in order to ensure maximum efficiency.  

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