3 Tips for a Smooth Closing

Posted by Steph Kaye on Tuesday, September 26th, 2017 at 3:57pm.

Are you coming up to a closing? Excited about finding selling your house and moving onto bigger and better things? But there are always potential problems that can impede a closing. As the stress increases closer to closing unpredictable things can get in the way of a smooth closing. We at Lang Premier Properties pass on a few tips to help ensure a smooth closing.

1. Create an Offer Analysis Plan. Know the deal points like the back of your hand. Understand the issues that can impact mortgage and insurance contingencies.  The highest price might not be the best, so understand what kind of wiggle room you are willing to accommodate if it means getting the sale.

2. While it’s always exciting to finally get the offer you want the reality is that things fall through. You don’t want to be stuck scrounging for old leads if that happens. Hence, we highly recommend you work closely with your realtor to manage the relationship between those with a 2nd-place bid. It can be a very manageable scenario and one you will be thankful for once you’ve established your strategy.

3. Guidelines around property delivery. Turning over a property can center around handing over the keys and letting the property go. Yet, we recommend that you brainstorm with your realtor to ensure that any last minute problems could arise; chipped paint, faulty faucets, … small things that can cause buyers to kick up a storm during the turnover process.

In sum, we stress again that working with your realtor and having a great relationship is a benefit you can afford to deny yourself.

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