4 Photos Tips to Enhance Your Listing!

Posted by Steph Kaye on Friday, February 16th, 2018 at 2:49pm.

When listing your house your agent will most assuredly need pictures of your home. Here are a few tips that you can help inform you what best needs to be done to create pictures that make your home most appealing.

LIGHT IT UP! Ensure that there are no shadows. No one wants to imagine themselves in a dark, dreary space. If you are using a professional photographer they will have the flash necessary to lighten even a dark space. If you are relying on your phone or camera, then be sure to lighten up the photos in edit mode. Makes the spaces look bigger!

CLEAN UP & STAGE! Homes should look staged not lived in. A staged home allows you to move furniture around to open up spaces and give potential buyers an idea of what to do with their new purchase. Additionally, clean off all counter tops. Seeing counter space is important because like storage space, it’s important to buyers.

EDIT & ENHANCE! There is nothing wrong with making your house look as enticing as possible. If this demands some photo editing, then so be it. Professional photographers will have the tools for this. However, there are a number of free online editing tools like www.befunky.com or www.picmonkey.com that can help you edit yourself. The goal is to ensure your space looks as lovely as possible and if that means adding a blue sky to a cloudy day, then do it. 

CREATE A STORY! “Your photographs and the order you arrange them in should work like a virtual tour of the property. Choose the most appealing exterior shot as your featured photograph and work your way around the home to showcase flow and home appeal. Always start with the most impressive rooms—the first photo of each room should be the most attractive. Only use photos that show the property in a positive light. If that means getting rid of some of your shots, then so be it.” 

So, don’t be shy when it comes to showcasing your house in the best possible light. This can only benefit you in the end. You want people to be clamoring to get in and see this gorgeous space. So enjoy the process and become the photographic master of your domain! 

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