4 Rules that can Make or Break a Sale

Posted by Steph Kaye on Sunday, January 14th, 2018 at 5:49pm.

It’s natural for winter to bring a lull to the housing markets. People just don’t want to trudge out into freezing temperatures and go through the rigmarole needed to secure a new place. Like, bears most of us just want to hibernate. Despite those inclinations houses are still selling and people are still buying. So, we examine in the new year some critical ways that you can sell your house. Here’s a quick list of tips.



While you might be tempted to make a lot on your beloved home, after investing money etc., buyers are savvy today and they know if a house is overpriced. Additionally, if your house ends up sitting on the market too long, due to the pricing issue, that opens doors for folks to think there’s something wrong with it. So speak with you realtor, understand comparable neighborhood pricing – and make the price right!



The usual channels of marketing a house are often executed by your realtor. However, many individuals are looking to leverage social media to sell a house. One marketing method gaining popularity is the video tour! The video medium lets buyers get a feel for what a walkthrough would be like prior to contacting you. It’s an enticing way to reach out to potential buyers who live on their phones and tablets. Additionally, using your Facebook or Instagram to alert people to putting your house on the market is a viable way to spread the word…just ask people to pass along the info.



As the resource article notes Presentation Is Everything! People want to see an inviting, put-together home when envisioning themselves in a new purchase. If you can’t afford to stage your whole house then focus on the living room and kitchen because these are the most important rooms to buyers.



Here is where your relationship with your realtor matters so much. Finalizing a plan regarding multiple offers is necessary in order to satisfy your needs and get your house off the market. You need to communicate with your realtor what’s important to you regarding an offer.  It’s up to your realtor to expertly handle the buying agents to convey what your goals are and to ultimately fulfill on your objectives.


So start the year off right, and get that house sold! 

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