4 Smart Home Technology Innovations for Pets

Posted by Steph Kaye on Sunday, April 10th, 2016 at 9:20pm.


The revolution of the smart home is leading to drastic changes in daily routines for many home owners.  Many home owners now have the luxury of brewing a hot cup of coffee at the simple press of a button on their smart phones while others experience the sounds of Spotify through a basic kitchen lightbulb.  The number of lifehacks now available are mind blowing and such otherworldly technology benefits pets as well as humans.

In 2014, Americans shelled out $19.7 billion on their pampered pets.  Such devout animal lovers want nothing less than the best for their furry children and are willing to expend whatever funds necessary in order to achieve just that.  In fact, there have been several recent smart home developments specifically engineered toward the happiness, health, and general well being of pets nationwide.  

1. Heating and Cooling.  Extreme weather is one of the top concerns for pet owners when it comes to leaving animals home alone.  Both extreme heat and bristling cold can cause major health issues for animals.  For example, a dog is susceptible to a heat stroke when the heat index reaches 105 degrees farenheit.  This index can be achieved with a temperature as low as 90 degrees farenheit.  

While pet owners have historically been known to set their thermostats at a specific temperature before leaving their homes for the day, smart thermostats are changing such habits and are accessible via smart phone, tablet, or computer wherever you are throughout your day.  

Smart thermostats are traditionally inexpensive and easily installed and offer energy savings for home owners.  This is one smart solution that seems to be a no brainer.  

2. Chow time.  For the busy CEO, getting home in time to serve your pet dinner can be a bit of a challenge.  Pets enjoy routine and changing things up can cause problems.  The Petnet SmartFeeder is inexpensive and user friendly and allows pet owners to dispense food to their animals from a smart phone.  The speed at which the food is dispensed can also be controlled long distance.  The SmartFeeder can be programmed to send a notification to a smart phone when a pet's food dish is empty, thus notifying the compassionate pet owner of their animal's impending hunger.  

3. #1 and #2.   Perhaps you are going to be away from your home longer than initially anticipated.  The smart dog door might be just the solution for you.  The smart dog door utilizes radio waves in order to let Fido in and out of the house for his frequent constitutionals.  The smart dog door utilizes a key which is attached to a dog's collar.  This key alerts the smart dog door to open and close accordingly, thus elminating the need for Fido to keep his legs crossed until you get home from a long day at the office.   

4. Safety first.  First and foremost, you want to know your animals are safe while you are away from home.  There are several smart security systems currently available on the market.  Such systems utilize motion detection in order to protect your pet.  With pet theft steadily increasing since 2012, many smart security systems offer real time video feeds accessible any time throughout the day via smart phone or computer.  

Regarldess of your specific concerns, smart technology that is specifically geared toward pets is being created every day.  Whether you are concerned about routine feedings, potty breaks, or pet security, smart technology holds many solutions to ensure your pet's happiness and your peace of mind for years to come.  

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