5 Facts for First-Time Home Sellers

Posted by Steph Kaye on Wednesday, April 20th, 2016 at 11:12am.


Sellers near and far wish they had known a thing or two prior to listing their first home for sale.  

1. Know your home's TRUE worth.

Do your homework when it comes to comparable prices so as to avoid unrealistically high listing prices.  Study trending prices.

Everyone gets excited when the housing market is booming.  Many sellers hope to expend their newly acquired equity on their next home purchase.  The down side is that many sellers have unrealistic expectations regarding the true value of their homes.  This is the worst possible mistake first time sellers can make as they quickly become disappointed.  Spend time carefully researching the true value of your home's worth as you take a look at local comparables, invesitgate nearby homes that have sold within the last six months, and narrow down the list of properties that most closely align with your home.  Presale inspections are good moves in the event that sellers suspect foundation trouble or termites as the likelihood of a seller having to pay for the damages later on in the selling process in quite high.  


2. Hire an experienced realtor.

Interview more than one experienced realtor.  Hire a realtor who wants to be your advocate and who has experience handling multiple properties in your immediate area.  

The biggest decision you will ever make as a seller lies in the selection of a qualified, experienced real estate agent.  Choosing a listing agent can be a challenge, so it is wise to interview several qualified candidates BEFORE you need to list your home in order to ensure you have ample time to make a wise decision.  Select your realtor based on their knowledge of the local market and beware of impressive presentations and lofty promises.  Once again, choose a motivated realtor who is enthusiastic about your home, but even more passionate about advocating for you as a client.  

3. The truth behind listing descriptions.

Understand the importance of descriptive listing verbage.  

Excellent realtors are not always synonomous with capable grammarians or skilled photographers.  Perhaps you have found an expert realtor who is more than capable of handling the sale of your home, however you are lessed than impressed with the amount of typos in your listing.  Gently request and suggest certain revisions to be made to your listing.  

4. Your house should be pristine.

Pay attention to the smallest of details as you declutter and clean your home.  It should shine!  Consider having your house professionally cleaned and the windows washed prior to showings.  

No home sells faster than a pristine one.  As one who lives in the home, it is obvious that tidiness is crucial, however you must go a step beyond fluffing the pillows in order to present your home as the best possible purchase option for prospective buyers.  Your refrigerator should shine like you just bought it that morning.  Closets should be organized and all surfaces and countertops should glisten.  There should be no evidence of clutter anywhere.  Consider putting away as much of your personal belongings as possible into storage bins.  Afterall, you will eventually have to pack them up anyway.  Maintain a pristine living environment until closing and keep the professional cleaning service on speed dial!

5. Plan for your pets during showtime!

Make arrangmenets for your pets not just for the the benefit of house hunters, but for the safety and sanity of your animals.  

It is easy to overlook your furry children as you rush to ready your home for the market.  Remember: it doesn't matter how spiffy your home is.  Pets will always leave dander and hair which will make for a dirty showing experience and allergic buyers will not give your home a second thought.  Plus, a smelly litter box is a friend to no one.  Make arrangements for your animals while your home is on the market.  Perhaps your next door neighbor would be available to house them at least while your property is being shown.  If you have a family member who is willing to care for your animals until your place is sold, this would be the most favorable arrangement.  You can always apologize to your pets later with treat baskets and chew toys, but you can not so easily find a new buyer to purchase your fur infested home.  Alternate arrangments ensure that your animals do not suffer nervous breakdowns as various strangers trod in and out of their territory.  You will also have peace of mind in knowing that you furry children will have no chance of escape if they are temporarily residing at Grandma's house.  

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