7 Pre-Listing Repair Musts

Posted by Steph Kaye on Tuesday, July 5th, 2016 at 3:18pm.

As you think about listing your home to sell, the condition of your home should become rather clear.  That leak faucet, for example, likely needs to be fixed along with a myriad of other projects around the house.  You might have a tough tie determining which fixes may be necessary in order to make your home saleable and your funds are likely limited.  

While advice specific to your home cannot be provided via a simple article, here is some general advice that works well for most homeowners.  Ideally, you have already hired an experienced real estate agent who can give you professional advice based on the specific needs of your home.  This will get you the best results in the long run, however Lang Premier Properties is happy to provide you with seven highly advised home repair musts:

Necessary Pre-Listing Repairs

1. Paint

Paint is a cheap way to update and you don’t need to be a professional to do it!  Watch a few YouTube videos and browse through Pinterest to get some ideas, pick your colors, and get your Picasso on!

Remember: neutrals, neutrals, neutrals!  They appeal the largest number of buyers and you never know who will walk through the door to view the house, so keep the styling basic. Don't go crazy painting everything in site.  Paint only the rooms and areas that obviously need it. Rooms with dark paint, chipped, or dirty paint are the areas in need of your attention.

If you have wallpaper, remove it in order to sell your home for the most money because it is dating your home. Don't assume a buyer should just be able to “look past it.” Buyers will ask for an allowance to remove the wallpaper and that means you will be losing money.  

2. Outside

The exterior is the first thing buyers see.  Replace missing fence boards, add sod if the yard needs it, and clean up any junk that may have accumulated in the yard or on the outside of any storage sheds. The grass should be mowed and weeds eradicated.  Plant some flowers to add color and make the place feel homier. Moss growth, missing shingle, and siding issues will be the first things buyers notice, so make every effort to repair before listing.  

3. Kitchen

Don't waste money on a complete kitchen renovation unless your realtor advises that you can make your money back upon sale.  Rather make some minor repairs that will make your kitchen appear more inviting.  if the painting, lighting, and counter-tops haven't been replaced since 1968, you can make changes without too large of an investment. You can paint, install new fixtures, and change the counter-tops to something more appealing.  Remember: buyers are going to expect appliances to work. If the oven, dishwasher or range are non-functioning, replacing them might be necessary.

4. Bathroom

A fully functioning bathroom is a necessity. If you notice a running toilet or a leaky faucet, fix them!  Considering improving the appearance of the commode by replacing the seat. Cleaning up the grout and/or replace it, as it can become dirty over the years. Missing tiles should also be replaced.  If there is old wallpaper or dingy surfaces, a new paint job is a must!  The brighter and cleaner you can make the room, the better. The bathrooms and kitchen are the most important areas in a home. These are place where buyers will focus on. They are also the most expensive areas in a home to upgrade and it's vital issues be addressed before listing your home on the market.  

5. Lighting

Lighting can make even the smallest home seem open and inviting. Maximize the perception of your space by learning more about lighting different spaces online and affordable lighting options.  Analyze your current space and see if you can find ways to improve the lighting. Don’t forget natural lighting, either. Ditch the heavy drapes for light colored curtains that let the light in.

6. Flooring

Hardwood floors are one of the most popular flooring selections in a home. The look of wood floors can totally change the appearance of a home and is the flooring most preferred by home buyers.  Have your hardwood floors looking their best. Re-finishing your hardwoods when they really need it can totally change how a buyer views your property. Re-finishing hardwood floors yields a great return on investment.

6. Functionality

Make sure everything in your house works like it should: doorknobs and locks to, garage door, etc. Not everything needs to be new in order for a home to be desirable, however all things must be functional and in good working order. As a seller, you would do well to ready yourself for the buyers home inspection.  More home sales fall apart at the home inspection than at any other point in time during a transaction. Know what the most common home inspection issues are and deal with them beforehand! 

7. Pre-Sale Inspection

One way to avoid problems is to have a pre-sale home inspection which can help you identify issues and fix them before you try to sell your home. Unless you are a professional contractor, a real estate agent or a home inspector, you are going to miss a few things as you go looking for problems with the home. If you don’t find the problems now, you will be forced to deal with them later before you can finalize the sale.  Have an inspector look over your home, fix what is broken, and move forward with your sale.


Leaving repairs for a buyer is great way NOT to get the most money for your home. You are likely to receive a low cash offer from a real estate investor resulting in the loss of thousands of dollars for you as a seller.  

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