10 Reasons Your Nest is Still on the Market

Posted by Steph Kaye on Tuesday, March 1st, 2016 at 5:03pm.



The housing market is back and the war between supply and demand is going strong.  Lang Premier Properties experienced the most growth in three years in the sale of existing homes in February.  However, there will always be reasons prospective buyers bypass your luxury home.  Just because the market is strong, doesn't guarantee sales.  

Your home may not sell because:

1. The price is not in keeping with current market value.  The primary reason homes don't sell is due to pricing errors.  Many sellers are emotionally attached to their residence and may have difficulty being objective in considering actual market value.  Stephanie Lang of Lang Premier Properties understands market value better than anyone.  Consider contacting her to discuss a market analysis of your home.

2. Perhaps your home looks a little dreary.  While you may not need a full-blown kitchen rennovation, it may be necessary to consider a fresh coat of paint here and there.  Perhaps the landscaping needs a little tweaking.  Well placed pots of flowers or a simple wreath on the front door can do wonders for brightening up the disposition of an otherwise weary-looking home.  

3. Your home may not be a fixer-upper, however its appearance may be deceiving.  Signs of water damage, for example, causes buyers to cringe and assume there are more serious problems than there actually are.  One simple rule of thumb: if you can see it, the buyer will consider it an elephant in the room.  Take advantage of the opportunity to patch and repair any obvious flaws so as to avoid inviting the wrong impression.

4. Your home may be too tailored to reflect your personal tastes.  When selling your home, consider that buyers enjoy a blank canvas, thus allowing them to dream and imagine themselves living in a given space.  Try to maintain a more flexible, neutral palet as sellers seldom have the same taste as prospective buyers.  


5. Accessibility.  Try to make your home easily accessible and readily available for realtors and their clients as well as other potential buyers wishing to view your home.  Consider purchasing a lock box or arranging an alternate form of easy access to your home.  It is not uncommon for homes to sit on the market longer than usual because they were not easily accessible to interested buyers.  Limiting showing times to specific days or time frames is a detriment to the speedy home sales.  

6. Advertising.  Professional grade photos and skilled writing is key in selling a home quickly.  The goal is to wow prospective buyers and agents with creative descriptions and clear pictures.  Remember that agents bring buyers.  Poor photography and insufficient descriptions of various features and characteristics are usually a turn-off to agents and do not gain points with self-sufficient buyers.  Balance is important.  Don't overachieve in descriptions or photos.  The home must be able to deliver according to its advertisement.    

7. Location, location, location!  Unfortuantely, there isn't anything to be done about this.  It is a reality to be dealt with.  Focus on "can-do" options such as enhancing yard space with creative landscaping.  Perhaps removing a tree or shrub would provide the illusion of a larger lot.  Consulting a landscaping artist might be just the solution you need.  

8.  Lighting.  Keep the blinds open, allowing more light to enter a room.  Light often makes spaces appear larger than they seem.  Lighting is also key in warming up or cooling down a space.  

10. Hire an experienced realtor.  Perhaps you are experiencing difficulty selling your home regardless of the above reasons.  Contact Stephanie Lang with Lang Premier Properties using the Lang Premier Properties contact form or call 855.526.4466. Stephanie is an agent with Lang Premier Properties.  See what past clients have to say about Stephanie Lang. Lang Premier Properties looks out for your best interests when you purchase a new custom luxury home.

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