8 Best Upgrades to Personalize Your Home

Posted by Steph Kaye on Wednesday, September 6th, 2017 at 5:36pm.

Let’s take a moment to veer from a buying and selling scenario and focus on “THE HAVING” situation.  You’ve acquired your new house and you need to update some things. You probably have long had in mind what you need to do since you’ve coveted and now acquired your dream house. ORRRRRR…you have no intention of moving out of your current abode and wish to spruce some things up for a future sale or personal enjoyment.

There are a list of things that can be done which can fulfill this desire. Like one of the first things to do is to Enhance the Kitchen. As the popular meeting space in one’s house, investing in this room is a savvy way to accomplish aforementioned goals. The article below provides some detailed tips on how to spruce up the kitchen in economical ways.

Another fun project ;) is to redo the flooring. Not as overwhelming as it might seem.

When it comes to storage one need look no further than the cabinets. Redoing the cabinetry in the kitchen and bathroom can really upgrade the overall look and feel of your home décor.

Next, you can focus on the bathroom. It’s often the room left undone the longest. Yet, there are both simple and more complex things to be done to the bathroom. From choosing new tile to installing a double sink to customizing lighting …there are options 

When is comes to the more mundane you can transform the laundry room. Yes! Although it’s often thought of as a utilitarian space there are ways you can remodel the laundry room to make it a multifaceted space. Adding a bench or rearranging the washing machine and dryer hookup for pantry space can put some pizzazz into a humdrum area.

Lastly, when speaking of remodeling if there’s a way to construct more storage space throughout the house you have the opportunity to maintain nice clean lines. The ability to put away everything that can linger in common spaces becomes a huge value-add.

Soooooo…we’ve hit upon a small range of options for you to consider when reexamining how to upgrade your home without too much time and investment. Whatever the choice you might make continuing to make Home Sweet Home is the key!


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