8 Tips for Helping You Settle in Your New Town

Posted by Steph Kaye on Saturday, June 11th, 2016 at 10:02pm.

Moving is always a new adventure, especially if you are changing zip codes.  Once the dust has settled and your belongings are unpacked, you can begin to prepare for the adventure of learning your new land.  It can be difficult getting started in this grand exploration, so Lang Premier Properties present eight tips for settling into your new town to help you get started: 

IT'S A FAMILY THING: Learning the lay of the land doesn't need to be a monumental task.  Divide and conquer by recruiting family members to participate in this adventure.  One family member should be assigned to sniffing out the best restaurants, another should compile a list of must-see places, and so on.  Before you know it, you will have months of adventures planned out that will help you to learn your new surroundings. 

LEAP OF FAITH: Step out of your comfot zone.  Sitting on the couch will get you know where and your social life will suffer tremendously!  Immerse yourself in your new community and enjoy your new life!

HOBBIES: Don't neglect your hobbies and interests.  Whether you are an avid jogger, yoga lover, or shopper, take the time to transfer those hobbies to your new location.  Scope out Zumba studios and the best shopping.  Just because your location has changed does not mean that your interests must suffer.  

INVESTIGATE: Surf the web and immerse yourself in google searches regarding your new location.  Visit your zip code's website and Facebook page.  Twitter and Instagram are great resources for learning about your town and seasonal events.  

CHIT-CHAT:  Take time to stop and talk to the neighbor you meet while you are out walking your dog.  Chances are that your neighbor has lived in the area for quite some time and will be a good source of information as to what’s happening in and around the area.

NETWORK: With the enslaught of social media sources in the last decade, we are more connected than ever before.  Such fingertip resources make is much easier to connect with fellow city-dwellers in your new zip code.  Take advantage of these connections and ask questions to gain a better understanding for where to best live and play in the area.

THROW OUT YOUR MAP:  While getting lost is somewhat counterintuitive, losing your place in your new zip code may be the best possible thing. Turn off your GPS, take a drive, and explore your city.  You could very well discover parks you never knew existed along with a great hole-in-the-wall restaurant and unique clothing boutique.  You might surprised at what you can stumble over when you take a detour off the beaten path.  

Regardless of your method for learning your new environment, be open-minded.  Enjoy the opportunities that arise in your new community and make the most of your new surroundings by embracing everything the area has to offer. Be willing to try new things.

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