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You are not alone. We all suffer from this. Procrastination! And when it comes to doing things around the house attempting to do the tasks you need can seem overwhelming. Well we have several recommendations for you.


1. Just do it. So obvious, we know. But if you hate anticipation anxiety then getting things done can eradicate that awful feeling.

2. Kaizen. A Japanese metholody wherein you take things in very small steps. Even the smallest task that perpetuates progress can be considered a win. Let yourself own those wins by taking small bites out of a large task.

3. Ask for Accountability. Find someone who doesn’t have a problem helping you attain your goals by ensuring that you’re accountable for doing the things you say you will.


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We often talk about what you need to do to acquire a dream home or to fix up your home. But how about living in your home and taking advantage of some fun local events that are happening around town. Detroit’s popping with a variety of entertainment fare.

If you can grab some last minute tickets – Lady Gaga is in town at the new Little Caesar’s Arena. Talk about a double-billing. The new arena is hot and Gaga is hawt! Check it out


A local iconic establishment is the Detroit Institute of Arts and there’s an exhibit now called Ofrendas: Celebrating el Dia de Muertos – those wonderful, colorful and enchanting skull figures take center stage in this exhibit…thru Nov 12, 2017.

If that’s not your style then check out the

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Looking to buy your first home can be an exciting and overwhelming prospect. There are some things to consider when deciding where to nest. There are some critical points to determine during this decision process and trying to find the space that works for you along with the budget that works is a mighty task. Yet, it can be a fun one too!

Determine Your Budget

You need to focus on your down payment and your monthly housing payment. You might want to aim for a higher number because there will be unforeseen costs and expenses. Being aware of what you can comfortably afford is crucial to successful home ownership. You don’t want to get into a scenario where you’re surprised by costs and can’t attain your goals.

Define Needs and Wants


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Are you concerned that your smaller home might not sell as quickly as larger homes, well the ocean of trends have shifted. There are new insights into the small home market that can encourage you in your quest to sell you home.


Research shows that a Market Shift has investors leaning towards smaller homes for a varieties of reasons. Buyers are now looking at lower maintenance costs and the location of home versus looking for larger square footage.

Another trend that’s taken steam stems from the Design world. There is now a school of design targeted at designing small space interiors. While most folks might not be looking for a small home, there is a realization that more can be done for less. These cost efficiencies have become attractive to

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With Halloween we usher in the holiday season and with that comes an outpouring of funds. All the presents to buy and parties to host can drain the pocket. Here we share with you an article about what monetary decisions NOT to make make, if you can avoid it. 

Not Having an Emergency Fund – Emergencies arise in every life, and not being prepared to cover them can throw you into debt. A rule of thumb is to sock away six months of living expenses.

Not Having a Will – Money Magazine reports 57 percent of Americans don’t have a will, including 69 percent of parents with kids under 18. But without a will, the state decides what happens with your finances. Make a will and update it regularly as your life situation changes.

Not Having Enough

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Halloween is a fan favorite holiday. One of the most fun times of year! Getting carried away with decorating one’s house however might be a problem for those of you selling a house. Because not everyone is into the Halloween scene, you want to keep the house as neutral as possible. So while your house is on the market you might just want to tone things down a bit.

After all your goal is to entice people to view your house as their home.

When lighting up the house keep it simple and classy. Putting out trendy lanterns instead of cheap strings of Halloween light is a better option.

A classy way to decorate the exterior of your house...

Another real estate recommendation is to put away any of the animatronics that can design a lawn. They

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With home buying comes the incorporation of an appraiser and the feedback can be disappointing or surprising. Regardless, there might need to be a contractual renegotiation if it’s warranted. You can also ask you lender for your appraisers qualifications. You have a right to know what if the bank uses specific appraisers or an appraisal management company.


The article below states that the best way to combat potential problems is to make sure that the appraiser is “highly qualified and competent.” Contrary to popular belief, appraisers are open to information that helps them make their assessment easier and more valid. Consumers can accompany the appraiser and provide important information as the inspection is being conducted.



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With fall comes Halloween, Thanksgiving and good times with family, it also offers a good time to upgrade certain parts of your house while the weather is still good. There are some tips for adding value and implementing cost efficiencies in your home.

Stop Getting Bugged

It’s still a time when the bugs are out and trying to enter your home. You can install ODL Brisa Retractable Screen Door. It’s a one touch sliding door that let’s you enter your home with ease and keeps the bugs out.

Elegant Entry

Baldwin’s Spyglass Entrance Set with Spyglass Levers offers an easy and safe way to enter your home. Furthermore, elegantly designed this convenient door handle has Smart Key re-locking technology and lets you re-lock your key in seconds. SmartKey 

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Hey everybody - we'd love to see you on Saturday, Oct. 21, 2017 when fun and games and face painting and popcorn and candy will abound. We'll be celebrating the spirit of Halloween and every child who comes get a ticket for a pumpkin to take home! We can't wait to see you! 

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You might have heard of Kickstarter or GoFundMe, launched by CMG Financial – we’ll now that concept of inviting people to contribute to a project has hit the home market and it’s called HomeFundMe. There are stipulations naturally.

  • Borrowers must be approved by CMG Financial to use the tool
  • Gifts are limited to $7,500
  • Loan must be a Fannie-Mae or Freddie-Mac one
  • Borrower’s must earn less than the area’s median income to qualify for matching contributions/grants
  • Method forces borrowers to use CFG Financial and its rate structures, thus one can’t go rate shopping

We suggest you check out the article and get more details on this interesting new financing option.

The more you know, the more you grow! And if growing means funding

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