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Hey everybody - we'd love to see you on Saturday, Oct. 21, 2017 when fun and games and face painting and popcorn and candy will abound. We'll be celebrating the spirit of Halloween and every child who comes get a ticket for a pumpkin to take home! We can't wait to see you! 

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You might have heard of Kickstarter or GoFundMe, launched by CMG Financial – we’ll now that concept of inviting people to contribute to a project has hit the home market and it’s called HomeFundMe. There are stipulations naturally.

  • Borrowers must be approved by CMG Financial to use the tool
  • Gifts are limited to $7,500
  • Loan must be a Fannie-Mae or Freddie-Mac one
  • Borrower’s must earn less than the area’s median income to qualify for matching contributions/grants
  • Method forces borrowers to use CFG Financial and its rate structures, thus one can’t go rate shopping

We suggest you check out the article and get more details on this interesting new financing option.

The more you know, the more you grow! And if growing means funding

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Many times people are confused as to what the realistic parameters are for down payments. There are in fact many ways in which down payments can manifest. There is more help than people assume can be gotten. Additionally, the amount of down payments varies greatly from what people believe they MUST start off with. Furthermore, the monies that you can put towards your down payment can come from a variety of sources. 

Enjoy the graphic below to get more details on "Down Payment Myths Debunked." 



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Today’s video walks you through key questions to ask about your home insurance.

Like is your rebuilding price covered?

Do you have flood coverage?

Do you have protection coverage for pricey items?

Do you need additional coverage or an umbrella policy?

All these questions are answered thoroughly and informatively giving you piece of mind for a less stressful life in your home.



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Are you buying a new home? Are you overwhelmed by the amount of documents  thrown your way and the aspects of your new home you have to ensure are up to snuff? Well there are 5 crucial things to check for when examining the new property you are going to purchase.

THE NEIGHBORHOOD: Check out the condition of the houses in your targeted neighborhood because this will directly impact the value of your house. Do people do a good job of keeping up their property? Are you also located near a school or town center because this can impact the value of your property too. 

STORAGE SPACE: You’ll want to look around for adequate storage space in the kitchen, bathrooms, and closets. As you transition into your new space you don’t want to be faced with living

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It’s almost the weekend so let’s have some fun! And what is more fun than thinking about the new home that you’re looking to buy. Statistics reveal that the median home-existing prices are going for $258,300 and thus, the 6% down payment is approximately $15,000. While not an overwhelming amount of money, it’s still a nice chunk of change.

We have some thoughts on how to help yourself save for that down payment. There are some easy ways to cut back on extraneous expenses that can go into the coffers of your bank account instead of out of your pocket.

Here’s a list of realistic cost savings:

1. Give up the morning coffee. You probably find yourself spending around $4.00/item which equates to $1,300/year.

2. If you can manage to cut your

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Do you have dreams of becoming a real estate baron? A get rich quick real estate scheme whetting your appetite? We recommend the OPPOSITE.  To truly understand rental investment it requires the mind of an entrepreneur and the patience of a saint. A knowledge of the market requires great research, understanding, and insight.

Furthermore, read the attached article to learn the process of investing in real estate in detail. Successful real estate entrepreneur Linda McKissack of the McKissack Realty Group does $60mm with over 300 properties. She outlines the experience she engaged in to become a prosperous long-term real estate investor.

7 Rules of HOLD Real Estate Investing

  1.        Be an investor, not a speculator.
  2.        Cash flow is
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So you’ve bought your dream home in perhaps an area that you didn’t realize was a noisy as it is. Well there are ways to fix your home to tackle problems that are keeping you up at night. The changes that you’d have to make are not overly in depth so that you can face them without undue anxiety and be confident that you’ll relish the outcome.

When you’re looking to tamp down external noise to regain the tranquility that you sought in the first place.

Close up your gaps: Make your walls and windows air tight. If you see any cracks and holes in walls caulk them up. If there are areas that have exposure due to wires or pipes then you can fill those openings with foam or putty.

Invest in High-Quality Windows: High quality windows are one of the

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Welcome to Wednesday, this one is for the newbies. If you’re new to the home buying process there are a few critical steps with which you should become familiarized. Aside from creating a great relationship with you realtor, your trusted source in this complex game there are other players who will play important factors into your mortgage underwriting process.

The categories to know are: Verification,  Appraisal, Title Search & Title Insurance, Flood Certification, and Survey.

Verification: After the crisis of 2008 there are stricter rules in place for verifying documentation for the mortgage company. In addition to supplying documentation about where you work, your employer is usually called to find out what you are paid. If you’re

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Are you coming up to a closing? Excited about finding selling your house and moving onto bigger and better things? But there are always potential problems that can impede a closing. As the stress increases closer to closing unpredictable things can get in the way of a smooth closing. We at Lang Premier Properties pass on a few tips to help ensure a smooth closing.

1. Create an Offer Analysis Plan. Know the deal points like the back of your hand. Understand the issues that can impact mortgage and insurance contingencies.  The highest price might not be the best, so understand what kind of wiggle room you are willing to accommodate if it means getting the sale.

2. While it’s always exciting to finally get the offer you want the reality is that things

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