10 Steps to Overcoming Stage Fright

Posted by Steph Kaye on Wednesday, February 24th, 2016 at 9:22pm.

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Home staging is quickly becoming a popular, heavily relied upon service for successful home sellers. Tasteful staging tends to yield faster home sales at greater values.  While the price of hiring a professional stager can be daunting, well-intended sellers often make simple mistakes in prepping for the market.  

Here are 10 simple steps for successful home staging:

1. Furniture placement is key.  Large pieces make small rooms appear closet-like while small pieces can make a large room look sparse.  

Underground Interior (furniture, vintage, antique)

2. Outdated decor is unappealing to buyers who are looking for a NEW home.  Such a large puchase is expected to bring with it a sense of freshess throughout.  

3. Bright, floral wallpaper or large, geometrical patterned curtains are taboo.  Such bold choices lend to a claustrophobic vibe.  

4. Eliminate frayed upholstery and heavy drapery and store family photos out of sight of potential buyers.  

5. Consider that expensive furniture and artwork may not enhance a room as intended unless in keeping with the harmony and feel of the overall style of the home.  Buyers are not nearly as impressed with an expensive painting which clashes  against a particular motif as they are with a simple rug which compliments the decor.  

6. A well staged home will reflect fresh coats of neutral paint.  

7. Window treatments create a completed look to any room.  Reach for the stars when hanging curtains.  This will add height and depth to smaller rooms.  

8. Remove personalized items and random clutter.  Make the home shine!  

9. Say good-bye to all wallpaper and repaint the kitchen cabinets.  Every homebuyer is looking for their dream kitchen and oasis bathroom, so update the countertops and display fresh towels and linens where appropriate.  

10. Lighting works wonders!  Add dimmer switches and soft glow lighting throughout the home for a warm, inviting atmosphere.  

A well staged home will be a home that the potential buyer never wants to leave.  

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