Autumn Home Upgrades

Posted by Steph Kaye on Thursday, October 19th, 2017 at 1:59pm.

With fall comes Halloween, Thanksgiving and good times with family, it also offers a good time to upgrade certain parts of your house while the weather is still good. There are some tips for adding value and implementing cost efficiencies in your home.

Stop Getting Bugged

It’s still a time when the bugs are out and trying to enter your home. You can install ODL Brisa Retractable Screen Door. It’s a one touch sliding door that let’s you enter your home with ease and keeps the bugs out.

Elegant Entry

Baldwin’s Spyglass Entrance Set with Spyglass Levers offers an easy and safe way to enter your home. Furthermore, elegantly designed this convenient door handle has Smart Key re-locking technology and lets you re-lock your key in seconds. SmartKey Re-Key Technology enables homeowners to reset their security by re-keying their locks quickly and easily, thereby rendering lost, loaned, or unreturned keys useless. Pretty cool!

Save on Heating Costs

Instead of layering up on cool days or struggling under a mound of blankets use a space heater! There are many portable space heaters that are light and portable. If you choose this method of warmth then you avoid having to jack up those home heating costs.

Leave the Leaves

Leaf cleaning up is an annoying task for anyone. Yet, have you considered getting a leaf shredder? You can use the shredded leaves for leaf mulch and help your flower beds or you can put them in a pile for compost. Either way shredding helps you avoid the weighty task of bagging and disposing and lets Mother Nature work her magic.

Shredded leaves take up less room...great scenario for composting!

Mess-free Mudroom

With fall, however, comes mud and different outerwear. By buying an organizer of some sort you can efficiently create an area that lets you hang coats, stow away shoes and scarves. If you keep this area orderly you can avoid that pattern of tracking mud, salt and other messes through the house. Think too of offering up slippers for people, if you ask them to take off their shoes you can buy a bucket of cheap slippers for guests and families to change in to.

You might have done some of these already but if not we hope you find some of these suggestions helpful to making your Autumn fresh and fun!


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