Creating A Quiet Home - Reducing Noise Pollution

Posted by Steph Kaye on Friday, September 29th, 2017 at 2:16pm.

So you’ve bought your dream home in perhaps an area that you didn’t realize was a noisy as it is. Well there are ways to fix your home to tackle problems that are keeping you up at night. The changes that you’d have to make are not overly in depth so that you can face them without undue anxiety and be confident that you’ll relish the outcome.

When you’re looking to tamp down external noise to regain the tranquility that you sought in the first place.

Close up your gaps: Make your walls and windows air tight. If you see any cracks and holes in walls caulk them up. If there are areas that have exposure due to wires or pipes then you can fill those openings with foam or putty.

Invest in High-Quality Windows: High quality windows are one of the critical elements for a soundproof home. Thick windows are a great investment and are worth it due to the noise-reduction outcome that you’re seeking. Many people choose “storm windows with sturdy frames and decent weather stripping.”

Shape Up Your Installation: Walls and attics are the most vulnerable factors in external noise pollution, so start with these areas. Installing insulation can be an easy task for the DIYers but if you’re not interested in tackling this there are guides like Angie’s List that can help you target a professional to do it for you.

With these tips hopefully you’ll help yourself create that island-like calm in your house. Insulation is just a bottomline critical aspect for manifesting an environment that can reduce stress, let you sleep better and enjoy your overall home sweet home.

Enjoy the quiet! 


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