Deal Breakers that Turn off Home Buyers

Posted by Steph Kaye on Thursday, August 24th, 2017 at 5:31pm.

Like with any purchase there are deal-breakers. What are yours? When looking into buying a home there are some obvious, egregious things that need to be avoided in order to successfully position your house in the best light take heed. You have great control over putting on the best face for your place.


1. PESTS:             Triple check that your home is insect free. Rare would it be that you’re going to look at a place where there’s an infestation, however, as a seller you must be radical in the dissection of your house to ensure that there are any hidden hives, nests, pockets of unwanted vermin lurking about. If a buyer catches a glimpse of something they could immediate conclude that either there’s an infestation they’d have to contend with or that the seller has not kept the house immaculate. Both options, while potentially unfounded, turn off buyers immediately.

2. PETS:               Although we all love our pets, if you can take them with you when having an Open House, do so. Or crate them. Any accidents must be cleaned up, a natural reaction, but sometimes our friends can be tricky little players.

3. A CRAMPED KITCHEN:            The kitchen is a focal point not only for cooking but also for socializing. As a result it’s a big draw for many buyers. People want to picture themselves relaxing and chatting ‘round the hearth. Thus, having a cramped, busy kitchen repels buyers who want a spacious, comfortable space. If there’s any way to create more space by moving around appliances, utensils, etc. do so. If there’s an option to renovate the kitchen, most likely that investment will pay off!

4. HOUSES WITH A HISTORY (A BAD ONE): As a buyer one expects to get the full reveal on a house, especially if it has a questionable background (e.g., like illicit action happened there). Sounds crazy, but it’s a reality. While a buyer might not be able to find everything out, it’s up to the seller to present full disclosure. Anything short of that could result in a failed sale or worse, some legal action. So stick to the truth and it will serve you best in the end.

5. MAINTENANCE MADNESS:  Whether it’s a new home, an old home or a flip, showcasing your house in a pristine manner is imperative. Don’t over look the details. Holes in walls, socket plates, knobs, working lights – all of these things matter when a buyer is doing a “test drive”. If you’ve just bought a new furnace or water pump be sure to make mention of all upgrades. The less a potential has to do to make home sweet home all the better.

Have fun & enjoy the process!

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