Don't Scare Buyers Away This Halloween

Posted by Steph Kaye on Monday, October 30th, 2017 at 12:16pm.

Halloween is a fan favorite holiday. One of the most fun times of year! Getting carried away with decorating one’s house however might be a problem for those of you selling a house. Because not everyone is into the Halloween scene, you want to keep the house as neutral as possible. So while your house is on the market you might just want to tone things down a bit.

After all your goal is to entice people to view your house as their home.

When lighting up the house keep it simple and classy. Putting out trendy lanterns instead of cheap strings of Halloween light is a better option.

A classy way to decorate the exterior of your house...

Another real estate recommendation is to put away any of the animatronics that can design a lawn. They become distractions from the real focus which is your house and if it’s attractive to others. You don’t want to create a scenario where people cannot get a sense of your house and whether they can picture it as theirs.

A recurring theme when selling one’s house is to “keep it clean.” Reduce clutter as much as possible. So cobwebs, tombstones, fake spiders – ruin the lines of house. Keeping clean lines will benefit the overall sale of your house.

Along these lines tricking out your front yard with animatronics, a cemetery, other Halloween oriented decorations might only serve to make your home hard for potential buyers to look beyond your seasonal décor. “You want them to think of your place as home, not a haunted attraction.”

An example of a house that has a bit too much going on...

There are options however to be able to get into the spirit in the right way. Candles add a holiday spirit effect while a centerpiece with leaves and twigs can also look great.

Your overall goal is to create an inviting environment for all and not to deprive yourself of fun. However, the greater of goal of trying to sell your house might need to trump your desire to fully deck out everything in Halloween décor. So don’t scare off potential buyers and work to make that house exquisitely sublime. 

Regardless of your choices - we wish you a Happy Halloween! and much candy for all! 



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