Financial Freedom through Real Estate Holdings - Your Reality?

Posted by Steph Kaye on Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017 at 2:20pm.

Do you have dreams of becoming a real estate baron? A get rich quick real estate scheme whetting your appetite? We recommend the OPPOSITE.  To truly understand rental investment it requires the mind of an entrepreneur and the patience of a saint. A knowledge of the market requires great research, understanding, and insight.

Furthermore, read the attached article to learn the process of investing in real estate in detail. Successful real estate entrepreneur Linda McKissack of the McKissack Realty Group does $60mm with over 300 properties. She outlines the experience she engaged in to become a prosperous long-term real estate investor.

7 Rules of HOLD Real Estate Investing

  1.        Be an investor, not a speculator.
  2.        Cash flow is king.
  3.       It isn’t personal, and the numbers matter most. Don’t get attached to the house or people.
  4.       Learn the magic of leverage.
  5.       Cultivate relationships with other investors and people involved in real estate investing.
  6.       Keep learning from others.
  7.       Give to others and share your information, wealth, and knowledge.

The McKissacks were in debt when they bought their first property. They creatively problem solved to get a fixer-upper into shape and then held onto it. The article details the types of properties that are the best investments and the best way to regard the financial investment. The lure of passive income is naturally compelling, but to try and attain this status you’ve gotta be smart. We’re hoping you read the article and find some worthy tips that can help you get closer to financial freedom.

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