HUD Spends $46.5 Million to Remove Lead in 3,100+ Homes

Posted by Steph Kaye on Tuesday, June 14th, 2016 at 10:35am.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development recently shelled out $46.5 million dollars worth of grants to 15 local and state governments in efforts to protect children and families from lead-based paint and other home health/safety hazards.  This funding will serve to reduce the number of lead-poisoned children as well as protect families by targeting health hazards in 3,100+ homes with lead or other home health/safety hazards. The Lead Hazard Reduction Demonstration grant program has a successful history and fills critical needs in urban communities where no other resources are present which can address substandard housing threatenening the health of residents.

HUD celebrates this June as the first ever National Healthy Homes Month, and is primarily focused on helping children and families secure quality housing as HUD works to protect families from lead-based paint and other home health and safety hazards.  HUD is the leader in lead paint hazard control and its grants are one of the strongest efforts to prevent lead poisoning among children.  These funds will help clean up lead paint hazards in thousands of low-income homes across the nation while eliminating sources of permanent health and behavioral problems due to lead poisoning.

Millions of people in the U.S. from all walks of life are affected by unsafe, unhealthy homes which directly affect the economy via increased use of health care services. The economy is also affected indirectly as wages are lost and more school days are missed.  Housing improvements aid in the prevention of injuries and illnesses, reduce associated health care and social services costs, reduce truancy for school children and adults at work, and reduce stress.  Overall, housing improvements greatly impact the quality of life.

HUD promotes local efforts to eliminate lead paint and other housing-related health and safety hazards from lower income homes and stimulates private sector investment in lead hazard control.  HUD also supports cutting-edge research in methods for the assessment and control of housing-related health/safety hazards, and educates the public about hazards in the home.

This generous funding routes monies to cities, counties, and states in efforts to eliminate lead paint and other housing-related health hazards in thousands of privately-owned, low-income housing units. HUD is also providing Lead Hazard Reduction Demonstration grantees $4.5+ million in Healthy Homes funding to aid in the mitigation of multiple health hazards in high risk housing in conjunction with lead hazard control activities.

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