Introducing Momma Joy, Our Foster Dog!

Posted by Steph Kaye on Wednesday, November 21st, 2012 at 11:03am.

Let us introduce you to our foster pup, Joy! We expect she's about to make things a lot more interesting around here, as this formerly-mistreated dog is pregnant with a litter of puppies. We've temporarily taken her in through the Make A Difference Rescue program, giving her a safe place to call home over the next several weeks.

Momma Joy is expected to have her puppies any moment now and we are eagerly awaiting the big moment. In the meantime, we're making her as comfortable as possible and playing soft music to keep her relaxed.

When we first took Joy in, she was miserable and too skinny for a pregnant dog. But after her very first night, she ate three whole bowls of food! Joy is a gorgeous dog with phenomenal temperament, and she's finally starting to relax in our home. Watching her learn to trust humans again is a phenomenal experience and a great reminder that Momma Joy and all her fellow canines are a privilege.

We'll be taking care of Joy and her puppies until Christmas, at which point we hope to have found forever homes for her and the litter. If you think you could look after Joy or one of her puppies in exchange for unconditional love and affection, contact us or get in touch with Make A Difference Rescue.

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