Is your home hot enough to sell?

Posted by Steph Kaye on Tuesday, July 2nd, 2013 at 7:28pm.

Or maybe it is too hot!

Did you know that the climate of your home can draw in or deter buyers? Especially in these Summer months, a home that is too hot or too cold can scare away potential buyers. No one wants to move into a home where they feel physically uncomfortable. Making sure your home is at just the right temperature can help in a big way. And, there are a few different categories where this comfort factor plays a part: actual temperature, visual temperature, luxury climate control. So, what do each of these mean?

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Actual Temperature

This means exactly what it says: the actual temperature your home is at can affect buyers. If it is a particularily hot day, give buyers a respite by turning the air down a degree or two. Imagine how great it feels to walk into a nicely cooled room after being out in the baking sun. If it isn't too hot outside, but the air still needs to be on, make sure it isn't so cool that buyers will shiver! And, if the weather permits, open up the windows instead for natural light and a fresh breeze.

Be sure to also point out the fact that your home includes an AC unit. If it does not, feature floor and window fans and other cooling devices like blinds, shutters, drapes and ceiling fans to keep the temperature down. Here are a few other items you might consider:

Visual Temperature

Cool colors like blues and light greens give the mind an illusion of a lower temperature. When staging your home, consider painting a room or two in some of these cooling colors. Similarly, light-colored, cotton linens throughout the home will give this same effect (thick and heavy fabrics give just the opposite message). Pillows, sheets, drapes, table linens, rugs and upholstery all fall into this category. See what your staging budget allows for you to change.

In addition to colors and fabrics, the other decor in your house can create a cooling effect too. Summer plants and flowers as well as beachy pictures and items will give your home that refreshing appeal.

Luxury Climate Control

We realize that not all homes have pools or enclosed porches and sun rooms, but if you are lucky enough to have these things, play them up! Keep your pool and outdoor rooms clean and pest free. Use fresh plants and flowers, and feature a relaxing sitting area for future residents to relax and imagine themselves in that space on a hot Summer day. You might even want to go as far as to put out bottles of cold water, fresh lemonade, and light snacks like fruit or lemon squares.

Remember: Keeping the temperature down in your home will make sure it is hot enough to sell!

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