Is Your House Haunted?

Posted by Steph Kaye on Monday, August 21st, 2017 at 1:07am.

Ok, while we don’t specialize in selling these, nor do we quite believe they exist we still though it would be a good weekend read! The most popular house ever on the market – Amityville – is not your everyday affair. But we thought we look into a few criteria that account for calling some a Haunted House. Is yours?


Although most people think places like old castles, prisons, or hospitals tend to be haunted, old houses can give off that vibe too.  In reality, any place can feel pretty spooky at times.

Apparently, there are some indicators that exist if you think your house is haunted…do you:

  • feel cobwebs on your face often? and inside?
  • feel like someone’s watching you?
  • feel like you’re being touched by invisible hands?
  • feel a cold breeze as if someone has just walked past you? (and it’s not the air conditioning)
  • sense a dark depressing feeling in one area in your house (and you’ve taken your meds)

Well, lucky for you, there are surefire ways to know if your house is haunted. If the following things occur, it might not just be coincidence.

  • Light bulbs blow up frequently
  • Witness twinkling lights, mists or unexplained shapes
  • Lights turning on and off – on their own
  • Unexplained pet behavior

When it comes to entering the home spirits take no preference in the manner of entry or exit – all entry points are fair game. And if you believe that your house is haunted there is a protocol to follow should you feel that you can’t all live together live one big happy family. It seems like spirits like to overstay their welcome and make themselves quite a home, thus any of your attempts at ushering them away from you house won’t work. Hence, we invite a medium into the home to communicate with the spirit. Should the conversation be successful the spirit is “sent into the light” and once again you can freely enjoy a ghost-free abode.

If you're in the market, of course, for a haunted house we will make a spirited effort at satisfying your needs.

Happy Monday!


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