Let me introduce myself... From Nursing to Real Estate

Posted by Natalie Kershaw on Monday, January 14th, 2019 at 11:14am.

     Hello, my name is Natalie and love helping people. A lot.  I am compassionate by nature, the friend everyone calls at three in the morning. The friend they tell the most TMI  too. (Like seriously I really don’t need to know that. And no I don’t want to see it either.). So becoming a registered nurse was the only logical step for me. In fact, I have eighteen years of experience in the medical profession.  WOW, time flies and I have enjoyed every gritty, heartbreaking, joyful, tearful, ecstatic, stressful, learning and happy moment that, that profession provided. There is nothing like being given the honor of being part of someone's worst experience and helping them along the way to better health.  

     But wait...how does real estate come in? Well, two in half years I had what some would call a personal reinvention. The kind that puts you in the middle of what am I going to do from here? Where am I going? Is my life where I thought it would be? I love the profession of nursing-the career of nursing not so much. So I gathered my thinking cap on and began to investigate. Anything that I had a bit of interest in I began to explore. My friend of five years, Scott, who has been with me through all the ups and down suggested I look into real estate and he would do it with me too. Learning something new with my best friend-Sign me up! (I am a learning nerd) So I dove in head first. Guess what I can still help people. Not in a health crisis way, but in navigating the maze of real estate and man it is a maze. I get to help them find the home that they will grow, learn and create awesome memories. AND I love it!

     So the next question was what brokerage firm should I work for? Scott and I looked all over the Metro Detroit area and were not happy with the big corporation, small fish in a big pound atmosphere. We were going to be helping people with one of their biggest financial and life decisions and we didn’t want them to feel just like a number or worst be treated like one. We wanted to treat them like family. So by a relationship Scott had built we found Real Living Kee Realty and we were hooked on their family atmosphere, their excellent work ethic and their dedication to the profession. We found our home and we are hoping we can find yours.



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