Let's Your Superhero Out of the House!

Posted by Steph Kaye on Tuesday, June 13th, 2017 at 2:19pm.

It's almost time for CraftCom when the streets will be filled with celebration and the supernatural. The Lang Premier Property family is looking to let their inner Superheroes roam around.

There will be live music, crafts, Craft Beer, Cosplay and a Kids' Zone! Something for everyone and a day to make memories. Homes are all about neighborhoods and immersing yourself in the joyous events the communities present. Showcasing the positive side of Clawson is a reason to celebrate - so find your cape, your wand, your tights - and come see some sights.

Please stop by the Lang Premier Properties booth because we'll have a real-life superhero named Elbert Moore who is a world recognized Kickboxer and Trainer. He'll be putting on some demonstrations that will Wow you! Not to be missed!!! As a trainer at Unleashed Boxing Gym Elbert is looking to invite the neighborhood to get fit, get toned, and get happy. 

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