Making Your Home More Elegant

Posted by Steph Kaye on Monday, December 29th, 2014 at 3:16pm.

Elegance is subjective, just as beauty is. However, there are some basic principles of elegance which all of usare aware of and can differentiate how one home is more elegant than the other. A beautiful space that you live in is a reflection and a part of you, what you are and what you love. 
Elegant homes and spaces aquire a finer design aesthetic by bringing together traditional elements with trendy, bold pieces. At times, it may seem difficult to create such a space free of both clutter and stuffiness. What design components are you partial to? What functionality will the room serve?  Give yourself the room you've been dreaming of by incorporating these simple design tips into your next interior project.


This room is at the center of every home, and is generally the most used space in the house making it a space of versatility. Whether you frequently host friends and family, holiday celebrations, or a monthly book club, making this space as elegant and functional as possible is easier than you think.

Color Schemes

When it comes to a living room space, neutral wall tones are favored. Selecting a color palette of perhaps 2-3 main colors and 3-4 complimentary colors. For example, you might choose as main colors cream, brown and green. The complimentary colors could be a few shades lighter or darker from "cream, brown and green" such as champagne, ivory, beige and pastel green. Stay away from harsh colors or any color that heavily contrast other colors, unless you are aiming for contrast for a particular feature or reason. Stick to creamy, lighter colors that enlarge the room and complement your furniture. If you want  that pop of color, opt for an accent wall -- generally the smallest wall (the one with the largest window space) -- and incorporate one of the season's trendiest hues. If you're feeling a bit more adventurous, give your wall some texture with removable wallpaper in your favorite pattern.

Furniture And Accessories

What's old is chic again. Don't be afraid to mix and match pieces. Instead of the tired L-shaped sofa, splurge on a couch with harsher lines or a funky color. Pair it with a couple of patterned armchairs or an oversized rug. Create a focus in the room by finding the central point or feature should be the thing that draws the eye or starts conversations when visitors enter. It might be a very elaborately framed mirror, an eye-catching painting, an unusual couch, a wall of pictures. Let just one thing be the sole attraction of the room and everything else blend and support it. When there is too much going on in a room, it becomes busy, creating a stressful, rather than unified, look. 


Color Schemes

Give your dining room a warm, rich hue with traditional accents. Soft yellows or light, rich browns are both inviting and elegant. If your home is an open concept, perhaps you'll continue your living room color into the dining space. If so, don't be afraid to create a divide to make each space unique.

Furniture And Accessories

Set the stage with a large farmhouse style table, big enough to host your most popular events. Depending on your look, a glossy lacquer or rustic wood will combine style with functionality. Choose an upholstered chair set, sporting a floral design or a studded trim. Feel free to mix and match feminine and masculine here. Lastly, top it all off with a gorgeous chandelier that best fits your style, in crystal or even wrought iron.


Color Schemes

Calming, soothing hues that encourage relaxation and sleep are ideal for a master suite. Stick to a more basic, traditional color palette for the bedroom, channeling blues, grays, taupes and golds. Incorporate bolder colors in your bedding via pillows or an accent quilt.

Furniture And Accessories

Go for true elegance with a mahogany four poster bed, or a modern, velvet upholstered headboard. Couple your bed with matching nightstands and an antique armoire, adorned with mix-n-matched hardware. Hang sheer window coverings and vintage family photographs. If your space permits, give your room a small sitting area, or, if you're going for a more feminine aesthetic, an ornate vanity.

A beautiful, elegant home is one that shows that it is loved and well thought of. Stay away from zen looks, or overly minimalistic kind of decorating. Those belong to corporate offices where there is a very sharp, 'switched on' feel as opposed to a relaxed, cosy, warm environment. The key is stringent selection. Depending on the space you have, select a couple of favourite things that gives you great memories or might be a lovely conversation-starter—things that you'll love to share with others. Perhaps you might display a beautiful vase of freshly-picked flowers in your garden that might be the centre piece of your dining table, some unique treasures collected on your travels, or works of art that you or a friend have done.

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