Michigan Senate- $100 Million to Repair Roads

Posted by Steph Kaye on Tuesday, February 18th, 2014 at 1:46pm.

A Brutal and Costly Winter

This winter definitely has been a tough one to endure, with the Polar Vortex bringing the below freezing temperatures for many days, the unbelievable amount of snowfall, and then the 40 degree days, that melt the snow only for it to refreeze the next day. This is recorded as the seventh worst winter in Michigan. With the freezing and then thawing cycles it has left Michigan roads crumbling and full of potholes. According to Kirk Steudle, Department of Transportation Director, "As this brutal winter finally lets go, you're going to see one of the biggest pavement breakups that we've ever seen in our lifetime. It's already started"

The state Senate is considering a proposal to immediately inject $100 million into local and state roads to help deal with the effects of an especially brutal winter.“We all represent communities that have been mercilessly affected by this winter,” said state Sen. Goeff Hansen, R-Hart. “I’m really concerned that the road commissions are on life support trying to keep the roads safe for us" (Detroit Free Press). Many officials are fearing this is one of the most expensive pothole seasons in recent history. Later this week the forcast is that on top of the already frozen ground, it is going to rain, which is only going to make this problem worse.  

Local road agencies are dealing with the same problems as the state dealing with the additional money needed for road maintenance for counties, cities and villages. The Road Commission Managing Director of Muskegon, Ken Hulka, was at the Senate hearing and stated that his agency has already spent $2.1 million on local road operations this winter, which is up from $1.6 million in 2013, and $936,000 in 2012. Hulka is concerned about this cost, because there is nothing in the budget left for this summer.
At the state level Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT), already is over budget on winter spending, including plowing and salting costs, meaning the department will have less money left for spring and summer work. MDOT budgeted $88 million for road maintenance, which they based that on a five-year average, but now MDOT expects to pay $117 million.

The road maintenance amendment to the supplemental spending bill, would give $100 million to the state road maintenance, county road commissions, cities and villages. The money would come from the Road and Risks Reserve Fund, which was created last year to help with unexpected costs.  The Senate Appropriations is expected to vote on the bill on Thursday.

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