Pet-Friendly Homes? Piece of Cake

Posted by Steph Kaye on Thursday, August 17th, 2017 at 4:17pm.

Today we’ll have a little fun and impart some tips on how to create a clean, fresh living, durable living environment for you and your pet family. While we all love softwood floors the reality is that dogs’ claws will scratch them up, so consider alternatives like ceramic tiles or hardwood floors and area rugs if you want that extra layer of protection. Brands like SmartStrand Forever Clean or Dupont Sarona® makes are stable options for decorating your place with high quality, attractive and pet-friendly floor coverings.  Area rugs are also a great option because for as many scratching posts as you have kitties love a good carpet and the ease with which you can replace an area rug is a bonus. Additionally, you then have the chance to let your inner interior designer run loose as you choose another look with a new area rug when the time comes.


Ensure that your furniture is pet-friendly. There are a lot of furniture companies that cater to creating pet-friendly pieces. Leather and pleather won’t attract fur, but might endure some scratches. Go into your purchase, however, asking the store or manufacturer if there are alternative upholsteries, which might lend better to living with a furry friend.

If you have a dog or an outdoor cat, you’ll inevitably watch them bring Mother Nature into your home in the way of dirt, debris, etc. One way to counteract tracking this all over the house is by having a Pet Entry in your home. That’s an area specifically designed to cater to cleaning off your pet when it enters. Have towels and spot remover and, in the best scenario, a tiled space where cleaning off can happen.

Now we state the obvious, keep anything valuable locked up or out of the pet’s reach. Having a select number of toys in reach of pets can help deter them from finding human toys and tearing them to shreds. While it can be a continual game of Hide & Seek, it’s well worth it.

When all is said and done, the love that pets bring into your world overrides any accommodations you might need to make so you can all live happily ever after! 

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