Prep Your Home for an Open House & See Rewards

Posted by Steph Kaye on Wednesday, August 23rd, 2017 at 4:35pm.

When preparing for an Open House most of us think about staging the interior of a house. Well, we recommend you not forget about the exterior of your home. As people approach your home they’re assessing various aspects of the house on the outside that can impact their overall opinion.

The Windows

For example, dirty windows and screens give off an unkempt vibe. By sprucing them up you convey to the buyers that you care about the small details. The entire look of the house can be uplifted too, by such an investment of time. This kind of maintenance, of course, should be done prior to any sign-off on an Open House.

The Foliage

Another area of concern are the lawn and gardens. Any overgrown foliage greatly diminishes the appearance of the house. Furthermore, it makes you look like you haven’t been interested in overall upkeep. While that might not by any means be the case, you want to show that you have fastidiously maintained your property. Doing a quick trim of the lawn and exorcism of weeds completely enlivens a home’s external appeal.

Home Siding

Don’t overlook the biggest surface area of your home, the external siding. You can attempt to clean it by yourself but be careful because you don’t want to incur an unnecessary damage. Retaining the services of professional power-washers is the best way to go. These folks can spruce up your home in no time and help create a picturesque presentation of your home. The objective of giving a holistic, feasible makeover to your home is almost complete.

Clean Door Fixtures & Update House Address Signage

When conducting an Open House don’t over look the small details like the door handles and street signage. By replacing faulty/old knobs you show the potential buyers that you’re attentive to details that benefit the overall look of your house. If you need to replace and update your signage this indiciates a real commitment to home owning and that the care you’ve shown for your external house most likely extends to the interior.

Clean Patio Furniture

Dirty and worn patio/lawn furniture can leave a bad impression for potential home buyers and incite them to negotiate when they might not have. Potential buyers might wish to negotiate you down on price if they are expected to inherit furniture that looks like it needs to be replaced. So avoid seller concessions and tidy up the furniture or replace it if that’s a more viable option. You’ll come out a winner in the end.


By showcasing, your house in the most pristine way possible can help you get more money for your home. The value of your home can appear that much more if internal and external staging are synced up. Being in control of how you present you home can reap by taking small steps can reap great rewards.


Good luck! 


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