Preparing for an Open House: Important Kitchen Checklist

Posted by Steph Kaye on Tuesday, June 2nd, 2015 at 2:19pm.

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While you’re promoting your own home, the kitchen is of the single most maximum essential rooms—so while you have an openhouse, actually need to polish.  You’re going to need to deep-clean, remove any clutter, and spruce up as best as you can. Happily, we’ve put a combination of tips that will help remember to use this list before an open house.

Don’t make it exhausting on your self: The evening prior to, don’t cook fish, don’t whip up a brand new batch of cabbage stew, and don’t prepare bacon the morning of the open house. Go out to eat for dinner! Or order carryout! Please?

Clean out the refrigerator! Everyone knows that buyers will glance at your fridge. They’re simply nosy in that manner. Give them one thing to take a look at—a spotless inside. Then wipe down the exterior of your fridge, too.

Clean your flooring! If anything says turnoff like the path of crumbs on the kitchen ground. If you happen to have hardwood or tile floor, vacuum and damp mop, ensuring to get in all of the darkish corners. In case you haven’t yet changed your linoleum, sweep, mop, and wax it.

Make it shine. In case you have stainless steel home equipment, maintain them correctly. Wipe them down with the correct cleansing provides. Truthfully, one spray and a bit elbow grease, they'll usually look brand-new.

Clean those stove-top drip pans—or better yet, change them! A rusty, crusty drip pan could make your range look older than it is. In the event you don’t have time to wash them clear, spend a couple of greenbacks to interchange them.

Degrease that hood. The vents are grease magnets. Chances are you'll want to dig out the user guide to discover ways to take the grease away, soak it, and make it make shine.

Clean the light-switch plates. Those light-switch plates can get splattered with grease or, worse, display years of fingerprints and dust. If they are able to be freshened up, change them—everyone of them. 

Debug your lighting fixtures. See the ones with darkish spots on your overhead light fixture? Those are lifeless insects! Remove the carcasses and wipe the glass clear.

Granite must sparkle. The general public wipe their counter tops clear with the same dish sponge they use to scrub their dishes. Let’s take it a step further. Use granite polish to wipe on a shine that may make potential buyers assume you spent 1000's of bucks on new granite only for them.

Counter tops will have to be spotless. Nothing impresses possible buyers greater than never-ending stretches of pristine countertop. So it’s time to stow the toaster, the juicer, the bean grinder, your stand mixer—all the kitchen equipment that soaks up valuable real estate.

Clean the microwave. You’ve already polished the stainless-steel, now clean the inside. Few prospects will open the microwave and take a look at within, however for many who do, let’s no longer greet them with years of caked-on meals splatters.

Clean the cupboards, in and out. Nobody truly cares if your canned peas are next to your canned tomatoes, however prospective buyers do care about space. Now’s the time to purge: Do you actually want that tin of Spanish tuna from three years ago? A purchaser must be capable to open the cupboard door and spot the back of the cupboard wall. And when you’re at it, get a pail of water and Murphy Oil Cleaning soap and wash your cupboards.

Replace your knobs. Cupboard knobs installed within the 1980s could make a kitchen at first glance appear dated. However upgrading them is straightforward: Simply purchase new ones, then set up them. Presto! Your kitchen is awesome(ish).

Don’t bake cookies! Baking cookies turns out like a pleasing gesture for prospective buyers, however the trend has run its path. Simply have a clean kitchen—everybody appreciates that.

No need to set the dining table. The kitchen is all about space. When you’re fortunate enough to have an eat-in kitchen, let it talk for itself. A clutter-free kitchen with clear, expansive surfaces will do far more than a collection of fancy dinner plates.

Flowers are at all times great. The one exception to the clutter-free counter top rule is a vase of fresh flowers. Who doesn’t love a nice fresh scent?

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