Small Homes Are The Hot Trend

Posted by Steph Kaye on Thursday, November 2nd, 2017 at 12:17pm.

Are you concerned that your smaller home might not sell as quickly as larger homes, well the ocean of trends have shifted. There are new insights into the small home market that can encourage you in your quest to sell you home.


Research shows that a Market Shift has investors leaning towards smaller homes for a varieties of reasons. Buyers are now looking at lower maintenance costs and the location of home versus looking for larger square footage.

Another trend that’s taken steam stems from the Design world. There is now a school of design targeted at designing small space interiors. While most folks might not be looking for a small home, there is a realization that more can be done for less. These cost efficiencies have become attractive to those interested in overall design landscaping. By designing a house with the external property in mind the small house has become that much more alluring to buyers.

Another issue that trends towards small house buying is that buyers are looking to target new hip areas. Sometimes the smaller houses are located in the hottest neighborhoods. Younger buyers and those who don’t plan on having large families see these small houses in hot areas as enticing investments. Great demographics to target your home sales to!

Younger buyers are also into minimalism. The cool, smaller house is seen as a lifestyle statement. It’s a great time to start branding towards trend-conscious buyers – as these folks see smaller as an asset.

It’s a perfect storm of marketing activity and in the ever changing marketplace those looking for smaller can inspire you to see now. Take advantage of the cultural change, so strike while the iron is hot!


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