Staged Homes Sell Faster

Posted by Steph Kaye on Friday, May 27th, 2016 at 7:04pm.

Perhpas you have selected your experienced realtor, hired your professional housekeeping service, and secured your title company.  You are feeling pretty good about selling your home and feel that you are adequately prepared to lure in prospective buyers like fish to a baited hook. Think again!  An experienced home stager is sure to be your secret weapon as he or she will work to present your home in its best possible light, taking a special interest in how your home is perceived by prospective buyers.  

The act of preparing to show your property in hopes of selling it quickly is a profession.  Home stagers work systematically, with coordinated methodology as they incorporate a knowledge of the real estate market, home renovations, and creative design principles in order to attract as many buyers as possible.  While home staging many not be a new concept, many home owners seriously underestimate the power of this marketing tool believing it to be more of an expensive, time consuming gimmick rather than the remarkable tool that it is.  

Home staging isn't simply the process of cleaning and decluttering.  Home staing is the concept of showcasing your home via furniture arrangements, updates and/or renovations, accessorizing, and lighting and isn't a service to be untilized only for vacant homes or complicated layouts.  

Home buyers make buying decisions within seconds of viewing a specific property and, if that property doesn't make a great first impression, chances are that there will be no offers forthcoming.  

The list price and the condition of a property are the only two major factors when selling a home, which is where home staging comes in.  Unfortunately, there is a disconnect between most realtors' beliefs regarding the business and what home staging actually entails.  Only 34% of seller’s agents stage all homes while 44% of agents suggest that the seller do the bare minimum: de-clutter and fix property faults.  Such statistics are disappointing as home staging enhances sales as well as benefits realtors by beating out competition, growing business, and attracting even more prospective buyers.  

The bottom line: you need to pay attention to some crucial details if you wish to sell quickly at the highest possible price. 

1. - Sellers should put themselves in the shoes of buyers.

Sellers should make every effort to detach from the home by placing themeselves in the buyer's shoes.  It is important for a seller to set aside emotions in order to achieve a desireable outcome in the real estate transaction process.  Once a seller begins to think like a buyer, the home's actual condition will be seen more clearly, allowing the seller to refresh their space and make necessary repairs in order to best maintain the home while it is on the market.

2. - Details are everything!

A plan of action is needed in order for sellers to declutter and make necessary repairs and home staing is that action plan.  A cost effective plan of action includes decluttering and cleaning, which reduces not only the amount of items in plain sight, but launches the actual packing process. 

3. - Don't ride the emotional roller coaster!

Home staging results in an instantaneous connection between buyers and your home.  Emotions drive sales because buyers know the decision to purchase a home will alter their lifestyle and maybe even their family or reputation.  A successful home seller will depersonalize their home in order to think about what a buyer would like to see and that increases the chance of selling a home faster as the buyer will emotionally attach to the home, thinking it was made just for them.  

4. - Prepare for public scrutiny!  

It can be difficult for the lives of home sellers to be open for public display to complete strangers and their "opinions".  Successful home sellers are those who, while living in their listed home, are willing to be inconvenienced both emotionally and physically.  The best way to deal with these inconveniences is to properly prepare your home for the sale.  Sell it fast so that you don't have to sit on the market constantly trying to upkeep the space.

5. - Attend to minor repairs!

Minor repairs that have gone unattended are sure to attract low-ball offers.  Home staging can increase value, however it cannot deter low offers and your home must be worthy of the price for which you are asking. Assess your home for minor repairs and fix them in order to get the best price possible for your home.  

Consult with a home stager before you put your home on the market!  You will be amazed at thet transformation and the speed at which your home will sell!

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