The Differences Between Men and Women When Purchasing a House

Posted by Steph Kaye on Thursday, February 13th, 2014 at 11:25am.

He Says She Says

When it comes to making home buying decisions, there are significant differences between men and women. Going through the process of purchasing a home is likely the biggest decsion most people will make in their life and most couples will do together. It is the realization of both hard work and aspirations, according to Prudential Real Estates third quarter Consumer Outlook Survey.

The Consumer Outlook Survey interviewed 2,641 Americans who are actively participating in the market to buy or sell a home. Participants were between the ages of 25 to 64 and had a household income of at least $50,000. Everyone involved with the study was either looking to buy a home or just recently sold one.

The findings definitely concluded that men and women do not see eye to eye about home ownership and the responsibilities of buying and selling a home. 

Men and women tend to take on different responsibilities when it comes to home buying, the survey finds. Men take on more of the financial responsibilities, while women take the lead on planning portions in the process, such as neighborhood research. About 40% of men claimed they researched banks and secured the mortgage and 42% of women said it was their responsibility to manage appointments, and 34 percent took the lead in researching neighborhoods, such as looking for the best schools.

Women also seem to enjoy searching for homes more than men, with 87 percent of women versus 77 percent of men saying they like looking at homes. More women associate home ownership with "pride," "accomplishment," or "independence," while men tend to associate it with "control over living space" and "more space for my family" were most important. Women tend to look at how the family will live in the house and men are more concerned about where to put the big screen TV and where they will relax. But despite their differences, both men and women appear to agree on were top priority were living in a safe neighborhood, what condition the house is in and the number of bedrooms.

Real estate agents often may find themselves stuck in the middle of sorting out the couples disagreements and concerns. But both men and women say they trust their agent to be the voice of reason and to settle any disagreements they may have. 83% of survey respondents say their real estate agent was helpful settling disagreements, and 86%  respected the agent's point of view as much as, or more than, their partner's. Both men and women felt their agent's most important traits to be honesty and knowledgeable. 

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