Airbus A350 Ends Jet-Lag for International Travelers

Posted by Steph Kaye on Wednesday, May 18th, 2016 at 9:23am.


The Airbus A350 sets a new standard for luxury international sky travel while averting annoying jet lag.

For those who are unfamiliar with the Airbus A350, it is the world's most advanced airplane.  For travelers heading to the Far East or Australia, there is hope for combatting the endless air hours and inevitable jet lag to follow.  The Airbus A350, which debuted in the United State in January, flies up to nearly 9,000 miles without the need to refuel while boasting technological innovations providing a more luxurious, comfortable travel experience for its passengers.  The A350's cabin experience can be said to be much quieter and more spacious than any other cabins in history with fresher air, higher humidity levels, and smart lighting.  Life in the air won't feel much different from life on the ground.  

The concept of beating jet lag is now well within an international traveler's reach as a 12-hour overnight to Doha aboard the A350 leaves passengers feeling completely rested, ready for adventure rather than the desire to sleep the day away.  The refreshing flight experience is likely to revolutionize the travel industy as more adventure-seekers will be apt to fly to Helsinki for dinner and maybe even Saigon for a long weekend knowing they will not struggle against the usual jet lag.  Singapore Airlines plans to fly ultra-long-haul A350s from its home base to L.A., New York, and an unannounced third U.S. destination in 2018 with a total air time of over 18 hours without the feel of a long, stressful journey.  

The A350 boasts 36 fully flat  business class seats with enormous 17-inch video screens featuring 60 movies.  Ample storage space is easily accessible throughout the cabin as well as a conveniently-located cubbies for bottled beverages inside the armrests.  Once the plane reaches altitude, simply visit the mid-cabin champagne station for a sip of luxury.  

Six additional inches of legroom, footrests, and business class meals can be found aboard Singapore Airlines’ A350 premium economy seats for approximately 50% above the price of coach.  

It is common for cutting-edge aviation design to be designated to first-class travelers, however the fresher air and quiet operation of the A350 are benefits extended to all passengers. Finnair presents light-gray upholstery and blankets in Marimekko’s Kivet print as well as an extra wide body cabin allowing for nine-across with 18.1-inch-wide seats.

For consumers interested in numbers, the average list price of an A350-900 runs $308.1 million, which is less than the $432.6 million you would need to fork over to acquire the double-decker A380-800.  The smaller single-aisle Boeing 737 MAX can be purchased for a meager $110 million.  Fatigue and headaches are reduced by 6,000 feet A350 cabin pressure which maxes out 2,000 feet lower than on most commercial planes.  The plane's LED lamps can produce 16.7 million shades of light including sunset tones, thus inducing sleep when desired.  The cabin's default temperature is 71.6 degrees, however eight temperature control zones ensure that no passenger travels too hot nor too cold.  Peak relative humidity of 25% ensures the reduction of dry skin and chapped lips regardless of the length of the flight and all cabin air is refreshed in only three minutes via HEPA filters desgined to entrap 99.95% of particles and bacteria.  The A350's quiet environment can be attributed to the 57 decibals which are typical of the ambient noise level which could be equated to the volume of a normal conversation.  More than half of the aircraft is made from carbon-fiber-reinfored plastic, especially when designing the plane's fuselage, tail, and wings.  The A350 is more fuel efficient than older jets which are heavier and require more fuel for shorter air time.  

Looking to try out this remarkable air ride?  Check out Finnair's collection of three A350's with nineteen more on order.  LATAM currently flies one and has ordered an additional fleet of twenty-seven.  Singapore Airlines has joined the ranks in their order of sixty-seven while currently flying one and Vietnam Airlines is leasing and flying four with an additional ten on order.  These remarkable birds are selling like hotcakes!  


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