The Importance of Home Staging

Posted by Steph Kaye on Monday, April 11th, 2016 at 10:56am.

A multitude of decisions revolve around the home selling process.  Questions of price, representing realtor, and the prospect of home staging are commonly considered factors in puting a home on the market.  

Perhaps you are considering selling your empty home and are wondering at the importance of presenting a freshly staged abode verses a cold, empty residence that will not likely be as appealing to prospective buyers.  

Lang Premier Properties suggests you consider the following pros and cons when making the decision to stage your home.  Upon review, your decision should be an easy one to make.  

Home Staging

A staged home is one that has been setup in a layout which is appealing and inviting to the most number of potential buyers.  Home staging often includes furniture, decor, paintings, and accent pieces which bring warmth to an otherwise cold, empty home.  

Many home staging tips do not require the addition of furniture, decor, and other items to be brought into the home.  Smaller homes can actually benefit from the removal of larger furniture pieces rather than adding more furniture in order to provide the illusion of larger spaces.    


The purpose of home staging is to paint an appealing picture for prospective buyers.  Buyers can envision themselves living in your home when beautiful furniture, tasteful paintings, and creative decor are present.  Comfortable sofas, mirrors, and plants help to make a buyer feel comfortable verses the cool emptiness of an obviously vacant residence.  A warm atmosphere is always a key selling point for any buyer.  

Staged homes often look much better in photographs.  Most buyers begin home searches online, thus quality photographs are very important.  If you are selling your home in an empty state, do not be surprised if home buyers schedule showings at a rather sluggish pace.  

Perhaps your home features rooms that are oddly shaped.  Home staging can help to make those spaces more appealing as a few pieces of well placed furniture promote a more funcitonal space.



Staging will cost a home seller additional money.  A well staged home can cost thousands of dollars.  It is imporant for home owners to evaluate whether a home staging investment will yield a return.  

Home staging takes time.  Specific pieces of furniture must be brought into the home.  While many stagers might attempt to use the pre-exisitng belongings of current home owners, it is likely they will not have the proper staging resources.  

Many home buyers cannot envision homes that are staged or occupied, while other buyers can best envision a home when it is an empty, blank canvas.  

An advantage to selling an empty home is that it is a reflection of the fact that the current owner has moved on and the home is available for immediate occupancy.  This is especially appealing to buyers who are looking to move quickly.



Empty homes do not provide the warm fuzzies for which many buyers are longing after.  

Another disadvantage to listing an empty home is that the photographs will reflect that the home is unoccupied.  This can pose multiple security risks leading to break-ins and vandilization.  

Defects can be magnified in light of a home's stark emptiness.  Minor scratches on floors or beat up walls will stand out more in an empty home than one that is properly and tastefully staged.  

Many buyers believe they can purchase an empty home for much less than one that is staged or occupied.  Buyers perceive decreased market value for empty homes as they like to think the seller is desperate to unload the house.  This can lead to low ball offers.

Numbers Don't Lie

The median financial fee to stage a home is roughly $675.  Approximately 49% of realtors believe that home staging positively impacts potential buyers and 47% believe it carries little impact to the buyer.  Four perecent of realtors are of the mindset that home staging has no impact whatsoever.  If you are thinking of staging your home, consider the most important rooms to be staged in order of priority: living room, kitchen, master suite, dining areas, bathrooms, children's room, guest bedroom, etc.  

Home staging in and of itself does not sell a home.  Some realtors will present themselves as certified staging experts in attempts to solicit more business from a seller.  This should not be a factor in the decision to hire a specific realtor.  The important thing is that your home is priced accordingly and that you hire an experienced realtor who knows how to properly market your home and sell it quickly at a reasonably agreed upon price.  

If you'd like to learn more about the home staging, please don't hesitate to message Lang Premier Properties online or call us at 1-855-526-4466.

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