The Right Way To Stage Your Home

Posted by Steph Kaye on Wednesday, November 6th, 2013 at 12:13pm.

Staging Your Home

Today we are going to go over how to stage your home, these tips are great for selling but also for personal comfort so grab a cup of coffee and let’s begin shall we? The first and most important rule is to remove clutter and don’t try to hide everything in the closet, it won’t fit. Over the course of our life it is truly amazing just how much stuff we collect, these items may have sentimental value to you but to a prospective buyer it’s all “clutter”. The reason you want to remove clutter is to let the prospective buyer imagine what they would put in that empty space, once an individual starts to envision what they would do it gets them comfortable with the idea of owning and more importantly to you “buying”. Even if you were not selling your home removing clutter makes the space you have feel more inviting and comfortable.

You need to move around your furniture and artwork to create the most space possible, think museum format. The mantra you want to recite when staging your home is “less is more” which means the less furniture you have the better but don’t strip your home bare otherwise it will feel like a house instead of a home.

Take this opportunity to look at the lighting setup in your home, if you having viewings in the evening and most of you will then it is vital to have the right amount of lighting. Without adequate lighting the prospective buyers will not be able to see the entire room and all it has to offer plus it makes the place feel “dingy” which is not a good feeling to invoke when trying to sell a home.

Another important item is having the right amount of accessories in the room, this will make the room look unique and special which is what you want. By making the room look unique and special it will make the prospective buyer want it more since it is something they have never seen before. These are just a few suggestions but there are many other variables you need to consider when trying to stage a home for selling. Something that you need to keep in mind is the adage “ you never get a second chance to make a first impression” , with that in mind you should make sure the home looks great all of the time otherwise you could lose a sale.

If you are feeling overwhelmed or not sure how to tackle this problem you should reach out for professional support. There are real estate experts in Birmingham that can help you with the staging, they have sold many homes over the years and know what works and what doesn’t. The most important thing is to have fun with the staging, who knows perhaps this could be a career path for you if you are really interested in it and have a knack for decorating.

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The Right Way to Stage your Home
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The Right Way to Stage your House

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