What Should You Expect From Your Listing Agent?

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A Listing Agent is a person who acts as a go between with sellers and buyers of real estate/real property and attempts to find sellers who wish to sell and buyers who wish to buy.  Their main responsibilities are marketing the property, presenting purchase offers to the owner, and overseeing the transaction from beginning to end/proposal to closing.

A Listing Agent creates listing and marketing material for the property, places the property in a multiple listing service (opponents) for other agents to view, and is responsible for scheduling and hosting open houses, arranging private showings, and presenting and explaining offers to purchase a home to the seller. The Agent will also see to the details of an accepted contract, such as inspections, and of course will attend the closing with the seller.

Listing Agents help you to price your house properly. You want to get the highest price possible, with very little inconvenience, in the shortest amount of time. They will be able to tell you the most competitive price, to help sell your house. The agent will suggest a listing price range based on recent market data, current economic conditions, and the condition and location of your home. 

Everyone is looking for a deal these days. Now, buyers are researching and comparison shopping, to see how aggressive to be during negotiations. So don’t be insulted if you are offered a price that is lower  than you expected.  Look at it as an opportunity to be able to compromise on a price both parties agree on. Buyers and sellers are not opponents. Both parties want the house to sell. A Listing Agent is so important because it does take work and patience to find that common ground. They will explain all the details, and help you remain objective and not emotional, make informed decisions based on current trends, market data, and your particular needs. The way to avoid problems in a closing is to pay attention to all of the details at the time the contract is drawn up.

Make sure to complete any necessary changes all of the way through the closing. Agreeing on the price and terms is just a beginning step. The Listing Agent will stay in close communication with the Selling Agent to make sure that all terms are being met in a timely fashion. The mortgage loan must be applied for and granted within a certain time. Also, the home inspection must be done according to schedule and any necessary repairs made before the closing.

Once a home or property owner enters into a contract with a Listing Agent, they are then obligated to honor the contract for a specified period of time. If, after the listing period expires, the agent has not found a buyer for the property, the owner is free to go with a  different real estate professional. 

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What Should You Expect From Your Listing Agent?
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What Should You Expect From Your Listing Agent?
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