What to consider when house hunting...

Posted by Natalie Kershaw on Tuesday, February 19th, 2019 at 1:11pm.

You got your approval letter from the bank, down payment is burning a hole at said bank and you have your checklist for your dream home.  Now comes the fun part or at least it should be fun...home touring. While you tour home after home and things start becoming a blurr...what are things you should look out for… what are red flags? Don’t ever, ever pay attention to the decor! That poop brown in the living room can be painted, 1970 counters can be updated, and the immensely stained carpet can be changed...those are easy fixes and maybe even concessions when you negotiate the purchase.


So what could be a bigger issue?


  1. Is there damp? Notice if there is a moldy smell, flaky plaster, and any watermarks.

  2. How much storage is there? I know the internet right now is in a SUPER crazy of getting rid of everything...but let’s be honest with ourselves...we are keeping it and we are getting more. So make sure there is enough room for all your stuff.

  3. Are the rooms big enough for your needs? Some stagers will but small furniture in rooms to make them seem big.  Unless you plan on buying all new furniture when you move pay attention!

  4. Look at the windows. Are the frames cracked? Is there condensation in between the panes. Can you feel a draft? Can you open and close the windows?These may be signs you might need new windows or that there may be structural issues..

  5. Are there enough outlets to plug all that stuff you have in? Nothing worse than not being able to find a plug. And let me tell you electricians are expensive!

  6. Is there an attic and how easily accessible is it? This is important because it could be extra storage, or maybe down the road extra room. If you can’t get to it...that’s just silly.

  7. Is it in the neighborhood you really want? If not what could make this location great? I.E. is it by great restaurants or shops. Are there parks nearby? How long would your commute really be?

  8. Speaking of the neighborhood. Pay attention to the houses around the house you are considering to buy. Do the neighbors take care of their yard? Check the backyard...can you see the neighbors yard? If so is it something you can live with? Nothing worst, in my opinion, is living next to a hoarder or a junkyard.

  9. Pay attention to the roof. How old is it? Does it look in disrepair? A new roof could cost big money!


And while this list isn’t exhaustive, it is a starting point to questioning your options. And as always get an inspection! Those guys know their stuff and can tell you if a perceived problem is a problem and they can find hidden problems. So good luck on your house hunt! And if you need help we are here for you, drop us a line.



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